Apr 1, 2014

DIY Faux Boot Sock

First off, this is not an original DIY thought up by yours truly. I know you've all seen the DIY sweater socks for wearing with your boots out there on Pinterest. I have too and I have several projects pinned! Anytime I think about giving a sweater to the thrift store I make sure I don't want the sleeves first! Well, this happened to be a similar kind of project. Real boot socks are expensive. Sweater boot socks are sometimes too bulky.  Sometimes even when I do actually buy boot socks they're still not long enough to actually stick out of the top of my boots! My husband was ready to toss his old Eddie Bauer camp socks when one got a hole in the heel. He's had them forever so they had really served their purpose as socks. I really loved the colors and thought the idea of using a camp sock style to an outfit would be cute. I decided to keep the top part of the socks to wear with boots - long, medium or ankle boots - it doesn't matter! Plus - this takes like one minute. A one minute craft. Me like.

Sad little hole:

Grab a pair of scissors

  Trim above the heel

Toss the bottom halves and keep the top halves. 

Just slip them on and pull them up to where your boot ends. The wider you leave the sock that you've cut up, the more sock will show at the top of your boot. Of course you can always pull them down and show just a little sliver. I wanted a lot to show. I went for a "glamping" style!

Here's how they look!


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