May 30, 2014

Life Lately {My San Francisco Travels Part 3}

I loved taking off with my hubby and walking the city. Wednesday we went to Chinatown and up to Telegraph Hill and Coit Tower. It was great exercise since the hills are crazy steep! What the?! I liked being able to have a partner in crime on my journey!

We walked through Little Italy/North Beach area up to Telegraph Hill. These photos below were taken with my phone because the other camera battery died. It did pretty good! I was surprised!

Great views from up top! Treasure Island, Lomard Street (the famous "crooked" street), the bridge, everything!

People had such beautiful gardens in their front yards. So tiny and secret!

We did have events that we needed to go to for my husband's work. We got to go to a concert with Lenny Kravitz and Imagine Dragons. It was great! But very chilly! I really needed my winter jacket!

Oh! Here's you another video with a San Francisco theme thanks to the crazy bus driver that had 4 songs on repeat. You're welcome again.

May 29, 2014

Life Lately {My San Francisco Travels Part 2}

Tuesday was a day that I ventured out on my own. I still had another 24 hours on my sightseeing city bus pass so I took advantage of one of their other tours. This one went to the Golden Gate Park and through Upper and Lower Haight (my favorite part of the city other than starring at the Bridge). I also stayed on the bus and went back through downtown and yes, back to the Golden Gate Bridge. I couldn't get enough! This time I got off of the bus at the Bridge viewing area, stayed for a bit and ate ice cream with a little wooden spoon. I can't believe how many healthy organic snacks were at every place I went. I loved it.

Even the little plants were obsessed with Golden Gate

My favorite place during the whole trip. The bridge is so massive and so much larger than life. Whenever I am around something this grandiose it almost takes my breath away. In fact the first time the bridge came into my view on the first day it did take my breath away. The fog was rolling in and then would quickly disappear. It was magical. And I don't use that word a lot. I've noticed since my accident I haven't found much happiness in the little things. My mind is preoccupied with my limitations. I've lost a little bit of my joy and I'm not as easily amused as I used to be. This bridge busted it's way through my wall and really brought me back to reality. It is hard to describe and even hard to express in 2d on a blog page. But those of you have seen it in person or seen a wonder of the world like this know what I mean

The bus driver loved to play San Francisco themed songs. Thank goodness!

I was very excited to tour the Haight district. The vintage thrifter in me wanted to jump off the bus and buy another suitcase to fill up with all of these treasures.

The architecture, the murals, the neighborhood - it was just wonderful!

Saw my first medical marijuana dispensary. The tour guide showed us his prescription card! Ha! He said basically if you have anything wrong you can get one. Well, there you have it. Apartments are about $1200 a month. You share a bathroom with the other tenants and there is no kitchen.

A house where Jimmy Hendricks crashed for a while. Janice Joplin & Jefferson Airplane were living in the neighborhood too with the Golden Gate Park down the street holding the Summer of Love concert that was free with free food and a free health clinic. What an experience that would've been.

We did get to go through Golden Gate Park which seemed really nice. At this point in time it's a pretty chill place with a lot of trees and grass which is something that city folk just aren't around that much. I take it for granted. All that grass and such. No one really has a yard in the city and it isn't an overly kid friendly city (so the tour guide said - not my words!) He said "there are more dogs than kids in the city" But you can't believe everything those guys say. You can probably say that for every big city. Anyway, the park was pretty and if you had more time, definitely a cool place to go. I would've loved to stroll around the Japanese Tea Garden.

The Japanese tea garden and the top of other people's heads. You're welcome.

I spent all day on the buses. Went back over some places I had already been and just soaked it all in. The next afternoon my hubby was able to come with me and we got to do a walking tour together. I'll do a post on that tomorrow!

May 28, 2014

Denim & Suspenders Girl

Top & Jeans: Levi's (thrifted), shoes: Vans

Let's take a little break from the sightseeing photos for some outfit photos! Since I didn't have anyone to take photos on this day and I didn't even pack my tripod, I took some outfit pictures in the hotel room. Not the best lighting but it was all she's got captain. I loved wearing my new Van's slip on's in the city. Of course I still have my splint on my left arm and my knee wrap on my right. But the top and jeans were comfy and loose enough to cover them up. Plus I had to stay warm with those pesky San Francisco winds. I added a big black scarf to this outfit when I headed outdoors.

May 27, 2014

Life Lately {My San Francisco Travels Part 1}

I felt so so blessed to be able to tag along on this trip to San Francisco with my hubby. I was nervous, excited, anxious and overwhelmed all at the same time. I don't like flying and a 5 and 1/2 hour flight was the longest I've ever been trapped in a tin can 30,000 feet in the air. I don't have a fear of crashing it's just my equilibrium gets so out of whack. I hate the weightlessness feeling during turbulence. It turns my stomach and makes me so lightheaded. I have been sick on a plane before - straight up using the barf bag and everything. So I know what it's like to be sick in the air. Thankfully, I didn't go that far this time but for about an hour or so on the way home I thought I was going to be sick. I went into full panic mode and started to shake. I regulated my breathing and tried to stay focused on the serenity prayer! It worked. Anyway - onto the fun part!

I'll probably do a couple of different posts so it's not so photo heavy. Since this blog is kind of my life journal I like to document where and when things happen so I can remember the times. I have a terrible memory and things will blur together after awhile! 

We arrived on Sunday and immediately went exploring. Our hotel was downtown right off of Market Street so there was a lot of hustle and bustle. And about 5 tasty coffee shops and breakfast places super close by. The Grove on Mission Street had the best french toast I've ever had

I left my heart shaped toast in San Francisco....for you Tony Bennett fans

Monday was a day for sight seeing. Brian got to come along with me for a little bit in between his classes. We hopped on a city sightseeing bus and road all around downtown

to the Golden Gate Bridge,

and onto Sausalito which was just adorable.

We had a quick stop high on a hilltop for some scenic views.

Some more stops we made were at Pier 39 and Fisherman's Wharf (super touristy area that reminded me a lot of Myrtle Beach).

While we were at the wharf we had a peek at "the stinky bachelors" - the sea lions. Evidently these are all the males. The females are out at sea raising the cubs - I think that's what I remember them saying...?

We stopped for a delicious Fish and Chips lunch at Codmother's at the suggestion of our tour guide.

Just us riding the bus,

around the Palace of Fine Arts

and as close as the bus could get to the "Crooked Street". I got a closer view when I took a taxi ride. Loved it! Yes. A car got stuck and it was on the news. I bet the residents are so tired of tourists getting stuck!

We drug our exhausted, jet lagged butts to dinner and then called it a night. I was so tired at 6:00 pm west coast time! It was my bedtime!

Stay tuned for part 2!