Mar 30, 2016

Spring Break Girl

We're officially on Spring Break this week. I'm scheduling play dates and finding my son and I some fun things to do while he's out of school. What I'm really enjoying is just the slower pace of the week. Especially the evenings. No scrambling to get homework done, dinner done, bath done all in the span of a few hours! It's nice to have the break. Now if it will just warm up a little bit so we won't freeze when we go outside! 

Which brings me to this outfit. It isn't really a full on spring-y type outfit. I still need to wear something to cover my arm because of the chilly breeze. So I'm just mixing and matching to get me through the transition from winter breezes to springtime sunshine!

Outfit Details:
Jacket: UO
Top: Consignment or Thrifted - can't remember! It was a major score wherever it was. I rarely find long tunics to wear with leggings at the thrift store. Which is what I'm ALWAYS looking for.
Pants: Kohl's
Boots: Amazon

Mar 21, 2016

Happy Spring Girl

I was wearing these pants the other day and my 9 year old asked me

"Why are there holes in your pants?"

I say, "I guess it's suppose to be cool"

"Oh like air conditioning for your legs?"

"Yes. Exactly" :)

Outfit Details:
Jeans: Thrifted
Boots: Dillards

Mar 20, 2016

Life Lately {Weekly RoundUP 3.20.16}

STUFF On the Interwebs:
Over on my INSTAGRAM:


Enjoying lattes and biscotti way too much


Fit to Fat to Fit on A&E. It's just crazy. That's all I can say. 


The Generation Why Podcast. Mostly true crime stories. But these guys are straight to the point. They use a pretty no-nonsense-way to analyze a mysterious missing person case or why most serial killers tend to be men, etc. etc.


My son and I made these Lamb Butt Cookies last week. I could barely eat one. Too sweet! My son ate one and we sent the rest to my husband's work! 


A long kimono for wearing with shorts this summer. Perfect cover up for the back of my thighs which I LOATHE.

Mar 19, 2016

Complimentary Photos With the Easter Bunny at The Portrait Studio of Asheville

I am partnering up with the Portrait Studio of Asheville to let you guys know about an awesome Easter event that they are having tomorrow, Sunday March 20th!

Skip the mall Easter Bunny and get a REAL photo with TWO FREE digital portraits to take home!

The Portrait Studio of Asheville just celebrated their grand opening and they want to extend this complimentary event to the community. 

The studio is located at 1833 Hendersonville Road, suite #170, near Tupelo Honey CafĂ© South and across the street from Publix in Meridian Place Shopping Center. 

There is absolutely no obligation to purchase any more photos! Just in case you do want to book a future order before April 3rd, guests would receive two promotional offers:
* 20% off of their entire order
*a free 20-page/hard cover portrait book with any purchase

Find out more at

Mar 16, 2016

Farewell to Downton Girl

This outfit seems to have a little British flair. Maybe it's the hair, maybe it's the lace, maybe it's the oxfords. I will leave it as a little nod to Downton Abbey. A farewell to the soggy British soap opera that has brought new life to good ole PBS. I will miss the Dowager Countess. Everyone else...I think it is time to bid adieu. 

Outfit details:
Blazer, Jeans & Beret: Thrifted
Lace Top: Eddie Bauer
Oxfords: Bass

Other ways I've worn berets! I'm a poet!

Mar 11, 2016

Obsessed With {High Stop Sneakers}

Womens High Top Sneaks
I have been craving some HIGH TOPS! I don't know what it is...I think they would look great with some cut off denim shorts, skinny jeans, joggers...WHATEVER!


Nike shoes

NIKE high top sneaker



Adidas shoes



Mar 9, 2016

Feather Print Girl

This black and white feather print skirt is one of my most favorite purchases. I got it last year in the summer time. I wore it with a loose black tank top and strappy black bralette. I love the cut and how it is a little bit shorter on the sides. It's really a summer skirt but I'm all about using summer skirts in the winter if the fabric is right. If it is too summery then no but this skirt works perfectly.  Of course, more black and white! When it works; it works! 

Outfit Details:
Cardigan: Kohl's
Skirt: h&m
Boots: Thrifted, Dolce Vita
Belt: NY&Co

Mar 8, 2016

Buckles Girl

I fell into a showhole. We started Nurse Jackie from Season 1 and binge watched it all the way to the end. Season 7! It took us several weeks but we really knocked quite a few episodes out when I was down with my tooth. We finished it last night and we were so sad. You love it while you're watching it but when it's over you kinda wish you would've never started! 

Outfit details:
Levi Denim Shirt: Thrifted
Tshirt: Old Navy
Pants: Thrifted
Ankle Boots: Belk

Mar 7, 2016

Put a Bow on it Girl

A little unexpected accessory is a perfect way to take a simple outfit to a new level! I have worn this bowtie without a collar and with a collar, like you see here. I originally got the idea from the adorable Drew Barrymore when I saw her wear one in a movie one time. I love to pull this little guy out whenever I need to make an ordinary outfit a little more special. 

Outfit details:
Sweater: h&m
Chambray Button Up Shirt: Target (it's nice and long! great for leggings!)
Faux Leather Leggings: h&m
Oxfords: Forever21

Mar 4, 2016

Subtle Print Girl

Just a casual daytime look spiced up with a subtle animal print leggings!

My hair was really cooperating this day so I was able to twist put a very romantic updo.

Outfit details:
Oversized Cardigan: Amazon
Tunic: Eddie Bauer
Leggings: NY&Co
Flats: BearTraps 

Mar 1, 2016

Life Lately {Weekly RoundUP 2.27.16}

***little late because of my stupid toothache!***

Stuff on the Interwebs

On my Instagram

What I'm doing...

Dealing with a horrible toothache! It started last week and I just had it pulled yesterday! Oh my gosh. The worst. I was scheduled for a root canal on March 9th but I could not wait 2 weeks. The pain was way too intense. I had relief as soon as they started numbing me up and I figured it would hurt so much when the meds starting wearing off. But it didn't! I finally had relief! Don't get me wrong, it's a little tender. I can't chew anything on that side. I accidentally sucked through a straw and thought OH CRAP! I've ruined everything. But so far so good. At least I am not eating ibuprofen like candy because of the pain! YES!!! It was my very back molar so I am ok to still chew once the skin heals.I really couldn't chew much on that tooth anyway because the last filling I had never really felt right.

What I'm watching...
The People v. O.J. Simpson. It's not going to win any awards but it's ok. I actually think Sarah Paulson as Marcia Clark is fabulous. It does get a bit cheesy in some parts but overall it's kinda interesting to go back to those first few days of the investigation. Something that shocked me is that her children were actually asleep upstairs during the crime. I really had not put 2 and 2 together on that when I heard about the murders the first go around. I felt so so bad for the children. Just to wake up to their worst nightmare...their mother was just...gone. I almost teared up a little when the actor that plays Ron Goldman's father talked about how Ron was pretty much ignored as a victim. SO sad. Sarah Paulson as Marcia Clark really conveyed that she wanted justice for them.

What I'm listening to...

My dad installing a new skylight! This beautiful creation replaced a janky, old, foggy skylight. I LOVE IT!!!!

What I'm eating...

A SUPER DELICIOUS Indian meal out of my Skinnytaste recipe book! Chickpea curry and roasted tumeric cauliflower.

What I'm buying...

This light fixture! Wowzers! It's going in my kitchen above my table. I'm so excited. I'm ready to get rid of this old janky thing:

What I'm wearing...

This was one of my most favorite outfits in a long time!

As far as fitness...
I'll be back on the fitness wagon tomorrow I hope! I lost a whole week to a bad tooth. I'm so aggravated about it. What can I do about? Just start back up. I'm actually going to start the whole T25 Beta phase OVER!