Apr 1, 2014

Style Challenge: Going to Disney

I was contacted recently by Kendra Thorton, travel advocate, to participate in a Fashion Challenge that focuses on looking stylish while still being able to travel comfortably. Anytime I hear challenge and fashion together? I'm in of course! 
For this challenge, she asked us to come up with ideas on what to wear on her next visit to The Animal Kingdom at Disney that she planned (with the help of reviews and advice from Gogobot.com) with her family and then she would pick her favorite. I have never been to Disneyworld but I would love to go one day! Preferably while my son is still young. So with this in mind, I chose exactly what I would like to wear and what I would feel comfortable in while still looking pulled together!

Here's what I would wear for the basic "tons-of-walking" kind of day:

Walking Style at Disney

She also mentioned photo ops for her and her family. Blue is such an easy color for the whole family to wear! It always looks crisp and clean when paired with white too. I chose flats again too because hey, let's face it, your feet are going to be tired. Don't make it hard on yourself!

Photo Ops at Disney

And of course those few and far between moments when it's just you and your sweetheart! This is where you can pull out the heels!

A Night Out at Disney

Thanks Kendra for the invite to participate in this contest! I hope you have a lovely trip!

*I have not been compensated in any way for this post. This is my entry for a fashion styleboard contest only. All opinions and words are my own


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