Apr 18, 2014

Happy Easter

Have a wonderful Easter weekend everyone! Here is what it has been looking like around these parts! I do a bit of traditional and a religious decorations because I do celebrate the resurrection of Christ but I also like to have fun with the decorated eggs, bunnies and all those fluffy little things. I do have a duck wearing bunny rabbit ears too. So there's that. I do put heavy emphasis on our religious beliefs more so than the Easter Bunny but we still like to have fun dying eggs and eating chocolate shaped bunnies. I usually do an Easter basket for my son and I think we will do Resurrection Rolls this year too. One of those Pinterest things that is just so easy and so neat! 

My son put together "Resurrection Eggs" one year in church. I've kept them so we can bring them out each year and go over the story of Good Friday & Easter.


Anonymous said...

You're such a good mom.

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