Dec 14, 2021

Super Comfy Shoes with UINfootwear


My footwear choices have changed a little bit in the several years. I’m at home a lot more often with homeschooling and I need something comfortable, quick and no fuss. If they are comfortable AND lightweight then that’s a bonus! 

Recently, I was able to partner with @uinfootwear and give one of their footwear options a try! I really love all of their VERY unique styles - just check out their website and you’ll see what I’m talking about. To make comfortable shoes is uinfootwear’s ultimate pursuit.

I also have a coupon code for you! Just use “jessicauwnc” for $5 off any shoe purchase.

Dec 11, 2021

Good Books I've Read Lately

I don't get to squeeze in as many books as podcasts into my daily routine but when I do I want to make sure to share with you guys the ones I like the best.

If you don't know by now, I'm a bargain hunter. Or cheap. However you want to say it. I rent all of my books from the library! You can rent audiobooks from the library too. I listen to audiobooks on the app called Overdrive. It may mean that I have to wait a little longer for a new release but that's fine with me. I have plenty of podcasts to listen to!

This first one was recommended to me by a friend and it was a great recommendation! Behind Closed Doors is a psychological thriller but it's not a overly scary thriller. At least I don't think so. I mean, it's not going to be like the movie SAW let's put it that way. More of just a really good story that unravels slowly.

Here is a summary of the book from the amazon website:

I enjoyed this autobiography from Chrissy Metz. I listened to the audiobook and Chrissy narriates it herself. It was easy to follow, entertaining and I appreciated her honesty. She takes you through her early life and the beginning of her career. She offers some self help advice along the way. 

The author J.D. Vance goes into depth about his family's history in Appalachia, how they moved from Kentucky to Ohio in search for work and how they all continued to meet obstacles no matter how far and hard they tried to escape being poor. I really enjoyed the author's writing, his honesty and I also liked being challenged to think about social and economic topics that effect Appalachia. 

Here is a summary from the amazon website: 

Vintage Teddy Bear


It's getting harder and harder to find a good vintage sweatshirt at the thrifts anymore. I was lucky to fin this one! I found it at a store that has insane prices too. They still have everything marked under $5.00!!

Dec 7, 2021

All Cozy!


I had to quickly run to the mall to grab some Bath & Body Works 3-wick candles that were on sale for $10.25 each - that's a good deal! I wore everything cozy. Cozy sweatshirt, fleece lined leggings and sherpa lined boots!!!

Nov 30, 2021

Squid Game but Make It Fashion


Little did I know this green sweatsuit I ordered back in October would be an almost exact match to the Squid Game contestant sweatsuits!!!! UGH. Lol - I just made sure to wear it with black and not white. Hey, at least I would've had an easy Halloween costume!

If you are looking for sweatshirts or sweatpants that are NOT flimsy and thin, these are the ones you want. They fit GREAT, they have a good weight to them and come in lots of good colors. You do need to size DOWN. I sized down to a small in the pants and the top.

Nov 21, 2021

Etsy Gift Guide

I put together a gift guide for some cute and unique gifts off of Etsy. I already have the leather catchall tray on its way!

Nov 9, 2021

Is it Winter or Fall?


I feel like we went straight to winter and skipped fall!!! 

Oct 21, 2021

Snoopy is a Heartthrob


Flannel, tee and jeans: thrift store, Sandals: DSW Steve Madden

Definitely one of the best vintage tees I have ever thrifted! Snoopy!!!

Oct 16, 2021

Can't Quit

Sweatshirt:, Leggings: Old Navy, Sandals: DSW Steve Madden, Socks: Amazon

I'm not really supposed to be buying anymore sweatshirts or sweatpants BUT I can't help it. I bought the matching sweatpants too. I just loved this green color! I thought it was a great color for the fall and winter. 
So, let's just say it's happened and it's probably gonna happen again. Cause...I would love a brown set. Can't quit!


Oct 10, 2021

Your Ugly Leather Pants?


Blouse: Thrifted, Pants: h&m, Boots: Madden Girl, Bag: Coach

Do you watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? If you do, then you know what Sutton said about Crystal's UGLY LEATHER PANTS!!! LOL. Crystal's were real leather and probably lord knows how much. Mine are FAUX and around $40ish. Sutton probably would still say they are ugly.

Oct 7, 2021

Western Vibes


Tee & Jeans: Thrifted, Bag: Ebay, Boots: Off Broadway

It's been raining NON-STOP here. But the sun broke out for a little bit today and brightened everything up. It was much needed! I feel like I am on slow speed this week. I haven't felt the least bit motivated!

Do enjoy this little wooly worm and some fun fall festive decorations.

Oct 3, 2021

A Late Summer

Sweater: Gap Outlet, Pants: Thrifted, Sandals: Blowfish via Amazon

Oh I'm sorry. I am vacationing in The Hamptons. Be back soon.
HA! I wish! This outfit makes me feel like I am in a beautiful seaside estate in the Hamptons.
Just taking a break from all things fall to do a little something else.

Perfect Fall Basic

Top: Walmart, Leggings: Old Navy, Boots: Dillards

This is a great basic tunic for only $15! It comes and goes with availability on the website but keep checking because I think it's a great deal on such and easy top to throw on with anything. It does come in other colors too.  

Sep 28, 2021

Chilly Mornings, Warm Afternoons


Cardigan: Thrifted Eddie Bauer, Tee: Walmart, Jeans: Target, Sandals: Birkenstocks, Hat: Scala (mens I think!)

The mornings are getting chilly here so fall has definitely arrived. I put out some of my fall decorations and well, let's face it, I've already been drinking pumpkin spice coffee for about 2 weeks now! I'm currently watching Halloween Baking Championship and Great British Baking Show and getting some major urges to bake!

Sep 24, 2021

Walmart Fall Decor


A few cute fall things I saw at!

Shop this post with the links below or on the right side of this page. Thanks!

Sep 20, 2021

A Little Bit a Fall


Top: Old Navy, Jeans: Thrifted and distressed, Sandals: Blowfish, Scarf: Thrifted

Mixing a little bit of fall color into my wardrobe for some late summer transitions. I dug into my scarf collection, which is gathering a little bit of dust, for some easy accessorizing. And, yeah, kinda still copying the Goldie Hawn outfit inspo from her 90s movie Housesitter! Sorry! Can't help it!

Sep 19, 2021

Target Fall Decor


I've hand selected some cute fall decor items that are at Target right now! You can shop this post directly below or if you click on the LiketoKnowit link to the right on this page.

Sep 15, 2021

Recreating Goldie's Outfit

Remember my last post? Well, I am still obsessed with Goldie Hawn's outfits from I just HAD to recreate one of the looks! To be honest, I'm probably not going to stop at just one recreation! I'm kinda obsessed.

Here's a clip from the movie where the inspo came from:

I just shopped my own closet! I love her sweatshirt 10x more than mine but that just gives me something to thrift the next time I'm at the thrift store!

I had the boots, I had the jeans, I had a brooch (not a gold one though...another thing to thrift!)