Apr 28, 2015

Festival Fun

Festival season is upon us guys! I'm actually hitting one up myself the first weekend in May in Memphis Tennessee. While we're there we are also going to tour Graceland which, my friends...it is hard to hold in my excitement about that bit of fun! It's not Coachella (which is on my bucket list) but planning what I'm going to wear to the Beale Street Music Festival is fun, fun, fun. The Bleachers are on repeat for me right now so I'm super stoked to see them perform Saturday night. I would love to have any of these in my arsenal to choose from:
Festival Fun

Apr 27, 2015

Spring Neutrals Girl

I am finally able to enjoy some of my lighter weight pants and shoes without socks this week! Wow! Spring is here! All of my flowering trees in the yard are in full bloom. I went to Lowe's over the weekend and got lots of lovely little blooming plants. It makes me so happy to see them when I drive up or look out my kitchen window. Ahhh...this is my time of year. 

I love this outfit that I pulled together from h&m recently. It's a really bad thing - or a really good thing - that I now have an h&m just a few miles from my house. Uh oh. 

Outfit details:
Top: h&m
Cargo pants: h&m
Wedges: Steve Madden (similar)

Apr 24, 2015

Life Lately...Birthdays and Such

Life is busy as always. This month we celebrated Riley's 8th birthday. We had a party for his friends at our local skating rink...or ring? I don't know. I call it a rink but it is listed as a ring. Go figure. I have found out that yes, I can still skate and yes, I need to practice more to feel more sure of myself out on the floor. Riley is learning and he is doing well for this to only be his third time on eight tiny wheels. We had Baymax cupcakes for his friends party!

Then we had a low key party at the house for just the family a couple of weeks later. I had to have it early...like right after school at 3pm...so some family members were still at work. Poo! But I had to squeeze the party in before I dropped him off with his dad for another round of birthday fun on that side of the family! Woowee! He probably has had enough cake to sink a ship. This time the theme was Pete the Cat! We LOVE PETE!

We surprised the little guy in the end with a zipline. He loved it! I gave it a whirl too. Pretty fun I must say.

In other news, little guy got his pilot wings at Awana. Proud proud proud.

We took in our first Asheville Tourist baseball game of the season last week. I mindlessly nibbled on Cracker Jack's which I don't even like. That's what happens at a baseball game. You just gotta munch.

I saw rainbow after rainbow this week! Finally got to use that darn rainbow emoji!

I'll leave you with this awesome video I shot of Princess Josie

Apr 19, 2015

Work With Me

Let's work together!

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Sales & Deals Updates!

Affiliate roundup! From time to time I want to start sharing with you some deals and sales going on right now from my affiliates that I work with for this blog. I would like to try to do this at least once a month or so. We'll see! I know that I love to get my fingers on good promo codes and I hate to be a day late on a really good sale. I almost can't even stand to pay for shipping anymore! I will wait until free shipping comes around!
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Apr 7, 2015

Health & Beauty {Pura d'or Argan Oil Review}

Recently I found a wonderful product and I thought I would share it with you guys. I had been using organic, cold pressed coconut oil for my body lotion and my face lotion. It was very moisturizing but at the same time was proving to be very pore clogging. I read this article on Wellness Mama and fell into the rabbit hole of finding the right oil to use on my face. I landed on Argan Oil. I also found a great deal on amazon and at that point, it just didn't hurt to try.

I noticed an immediate change in my skin after using it for just a few days. I wasn't getting as many breakouts as I had been. I also noticed that it moisturized my skin a lot better than the coconut oil. It felt like it was really sinking in ya know? I noticed that it helped my laugh line wrinkles as well. I mean, nothing can take those babies away except something surgical but this stuff sure did help them to look less severe!

In case you're wondering...I'm in no way affiliated with Pura d'or Argan Oil! No one asked me to do this post. I just wanted to share it with you in case you are like me and have a terrible combination of dry skin AND acne. I bought this bottle for around $20 and there is still more than two thirds of the bottle left. I've been using it for about 4 or 5 months.

I also use the Proactiv system at least 3 times a week just to stay on top of my acne. Since I am no longer on birth control because of the Essure procedure I had back in 2013, I really see my hormones come through my skin in the form of breakouts. It's worse at different times of the month and also gets worse if I eat unhealthy foods. I still have lots of other methods I want to try that Wellness Mama lists on her website to ween myself off of Proactiv.

I still use my coconut oil. I just stick to using it on the rest of my body immediately after I exit the shower. My body oil/lotion formula is half coconut oil half cocoa butter (in oil form). If I just use coconut oil it doesn't moisturize enough. But my skin is far too dry to just slap some drug store lotion on and go. I need to step up my water drinking game to help my dry skin. Sometimes I feel like it is so dry it hurts! Sheesh!!

You could use this on the ends of your hair after you get out of the shower too. I've really cut down on the blow drying time on my hair since I don't go to an office everyday. I really don't need deep conditioner much anymore. I only shampoo my hair twice a week. Doing those two things together leave me with pretty healthy hair already.

Ok guys and gals! Just wanted to share a great product with you! Try it! I know you would love it. Even if you just used it on your hands!