Jul 30, 2013

Love Hate Girl

Top: Bitten, Pants: Thrifted, Sandals: Target

Ahhh....linen. I like you on the hanger but once I put you on and sit down for 3 seconds, I am a sack of wrinkled fabric. These pants may be on their way out. 

Jul 28, 2013

Freedom Girl

Top: consignment, Skirt: gift, Flats: Target

It feels good to have shared with you guys something so personal on my last Life Lately post. It was liberating! I feel like I have come so far. One thing I should've mentioned is how wonderful my hubby has been through it all too. He has been very supportive and even changed parts of his life to make this recovery easier for me. Such a great partner to have throughout this journey!

Jul 25, 2013

Middle Earth Girl

 Top: Eddie Bauer, Dress: NY&CO, Moccassins: Minnetonka, Belt: Thrifted

I feel like a hunter-gatherer when I wear my knee high moccassins. Or maybe an inhabiter of Middle Earth...

Jul 24, 2013

Life Lately: Celebrating

I had a post a couple of days ago where I wore a long striped maxi dress and was telling you that I could remember the exact time I last wore it. It's true. It was the worst night but then the best day followed.

That night was a repeat of many, many other nights so on the surface, it was nothing too special. My husband had become used to my antics and my mom, people I worked with and most others just had no clue. I had drank way too much only this time I made even worse decisions. My mom had to become involved and my husband had to be woken up at 3am to come and get me. Not good.

The next morning I told my mom,

I am an alcoholic.

And I want help.

The beginning was hard but I started going to Celebrate Recovery, which is like A.A. and N.A. and all of that rolled up into one with a focus on Jesus Christ as the only way to fully recover. I didn't like being sober in the beginning. I hated it. I had NO idea what I was going to do with all of my time. I really worried how I was going to not be so bored all of the time. But honestly, I beleive through prayer God actually took the desire to drink away from me. I believe He lifted it from me. Now, I don't mean that when I look at a beer or see a glass of wine I don't think, hmmm...that looks nice. But I don't "want"it. 

Here is what wanted to share with you today. I have completed 1 YEAR SOBER! 

My sweet friend that is almost celebrating her 1 year gave me these flowers the night of the chip ceremony. It is such a wonderful feeling to know I have made it 1 year. And I have more to come!!!!!! It is also so comforting to know that no matter where I have come from or what I have done I have been forgiven. I do NOT have to carry around any guilt or shame of what I did. I am starting my 12 step study in the next few weeks. I am excited to get very deep into my recovery and to uncover clues that might have led me to be an alcoholic in the first place.

Jul 18, 2013

Life Lately: Bubbles

Blowing bubbles....all well and good until I've blown so many I start getting light headed. Here's a solution. And I cannot take credit for this one - heard it from a girl I used to work with. Brilliant!

Hold it over the air conditioner unit and let the blowing begin. Whew. Mommy doesn't pass out today.

Jul 17, 2013

Remembering Girl

Bolero: NY&Co, Dress: Roses, Shoes: Aldo, Necklace:? Earrings: Premier Jewelry

I remember exactly the last time I wore this dress. It was almost one year to the date. I can tell you the whole story.....soon! I have a special post coming up later this week and it will alllll tie together and you will just be so satisfied that you finally know what I'm talking about. Or you will forget all together. Whichever one happens, I'm ok with.

Jul 14, 2013

Traded Girl

Top: my cousins - we traded at our yard sales! Skirt: Eddie Bauer, Sandals: Kohl's, Necklace: Avon (I think?)

A couple of weeks ago we had a big family yard sale and we weren't quite satisfied with the results. So we called up my cousin who lives a few towns over and asked if we could yard sale crash at her house the following weekend. She said yes and it was a HUGE success! We saved up that last little bit that went towards the beach trip. I traded her some comic books for her hubby for this top. YAY!!!


Jul 11, 2013

Complete Girl

Entire outfit thrifted

Success! Each piece was thrifted separately but they all come together for one complete look.

Jul 10, 2013

Life Lately: Fun Times To Be Had

We have been volunteering at the Community Garden down the road. It has been really rewarding. I have learned a lot about gardening, plants, and how to harvest. The master gardener always lets us come home with a little bit. I don't like to take too much. We are so blessed and are definitely not in need like others. I need to get some more photos of the garden but there is no easy way to lug my huge camera. I don't have a fancy smart phone...yet. I'm fighting it off until the bitter end. I will have to go back on an off day when I'm not covered in mud and sweat and snap some photos. It's really a beautiful spot. I am so glad that families and people in need get super fresh food on a regular basis from this wonderful garden. Part of the garden is rented lots too but each renter must donate 10% of their harvest.

After the garden we usually head straight to the pool because we are sweaty and exhausted.

I love love love the view of the mountains from our little community pool. It's so calming.

Jul 9, 2013

Beach Bound Girl

Top & Sandals: Target, Skirt & Belt: Thrifted

Me feeling all beachy last week before we left for the actual beach where I might have looked cute once for about 1 hour. Most other hours were spent soaking wet, sticky with sand or heavily sweating. Not cute.

Jul 8, 2013

Homemade Cinnamon Sugar Chips

Aaaand we're back. Sorry for the long absence. We took a much needed vacation down to the beach to celebrate the 4th of July. I'm so glad we did because the weather was terrible here at home for the fireworks but it was great where we were! What a blessing. I really built up fireworks to my son this year because he is finally old enough to really know what's going on and not be frightened.

Before we left, I had a ton of leftover corn tortillas and wanted to find a really delicious recipe that could use up the rest of them. I found lots of savory recipes but fell head over heels when I saw this sweet treat. I got the basic idea from this recipe. I added the strawberries and honey and then eventually added chocolate syrup to the last few. Yum. I left a few plain ones too because my little guy doesn't like honey. But I thought the honey was as a great addition.

The recipe said to put a little oil in the pan and bring it to medium heat/high heat. I cut my corn tortillas into triangles - because I'm daring like that.

They brown quickly! So be ready to move them to some paper towels with a paper bag underneath. Some of the oil still got through to my counter. I just cleaned up afterwards but if you are concerned about your surface you may need to put some plastic wrap under the bag/paper towel. 

I made a little cinnamon plus sugar mixture and sprinkled one side, flipped them, and sprinkled the other side.

 At this point - YUM

I chopped up some strawberries. Here's my unglamorous workstation.

Final product!

These were seriously super tasty. And I felt like I had done something really impressive! Like Food Network style or something. The possibilities are endless. Plain, with cinnamon, with sugar, both, chocolate syrup, honey or all of the above. The only way to mess these up is to walk away from the oil while the tortillas are in there to go do something really productive like check your email or sweep and then you come back and they're dark brown. Toss! Good thing I had a lot of tortillas.

 I'm wondering if maybe I should try a ranch-type chip next time. Or a chipotle? Let me know if you have made your own chips!