Sep 30, 2010

Quite Done with it All

Very thankful that all of my school years are behind me. Long gone are the awkward years of high school and the endless night of going to school while working a full time job. That is behind me now and I am grateful.

 Photos by me

Button down shirt, oxfords, & hairbow: thrifted, Goodwill
Jeans: NY & Company
Faux glasses: Claire's
Elementary school yearbook, one of my favorite Bronte books & a journal - a gift from my sweet son

Sep 29, 2010

On Trend: Pop of Red

One of the many trends for fall 2010 is adding pops of red to your outfit. Its not a new idea - but I think it is a fresh reminder. Sometimes you overlook some of the more simple things that can breathe new life into a stale outfit. I absolutely love red (I used to hate it! Never wore it!) and I added a simple, skinny red belt to this black and white casual office outfit. I realize now that I need a little red clutch and should have added some red lips to this one!

Photos by me

Top, belt & watch: Thrifted
Lace cami & hair clips: Family Dollar
Pants: NY & Company
Oxfords: Go Jane

Truth or Dare - actually just truth here, sorry

Careers I would rather have than this one:

1. Vintage & Thrift Store Owner: I don't want to go to NY and be a superstar stylist and I don't really want to be a fashion designer because I don't like that kind of pressure. Either one of those jobs would be way too intense (I think for me personally) but don't get me wrong - it would definitely be fun to be in the heart of fashion! But owning my own brick and mortar store of all things vintage, thrifted and beautiful would be so sweet. I would wear the clothes from the shop, change the window dressings for different themes and do local fashion shows and style for photos shoots. Dream
1. Stay-at-Home-Mom/Domestic Goddess: This is a tie with #1. Because I think you can do both in some capacity. My son goes to preschool a few days a week and he will soon be in kindergarten. If I was to be able to be a stay at home mom, I would definitely have a part time job or some sort of job at some level for a mental break and the chance to talk to an adult. It gets pretty weird only having a 3 1/2 year old to talk to after a couple days. You end up getting a little batty....
2. Librarian. Or just like the girl that helps in the library. I LOVE the smell of the old books. And the library was where my mom took my brother and me growing up. We didn't have lots of cash so we did things that were fun but on the cheap. Which I like to attribute my bargain shopping and remixing abilities to my mom who showed me how to thrift shop :)
3. Graphic Designer for a local, low key newspaper/magazine: Not the main newspaper here in town. They stink. Terrible reporting and never anything really useful. But I would love to do newspaper/magazine layouts. I love making fliers, brochures & event stuff. I made a "passport" one year for the company Christmas party that showed which country you were going to travel to (one room to the next) and what tastes and sights would be waiting there for you. (I know, cheesy, but fun. I went wild with the travel theme ya'll)
4. Photographer: I love taking pictures of everything. Human, non human, gross, tasty, nature, urban - whatever. People say if you use your hobby as your job it ends up being disappointing and losing it's appeal that it once had. I agree. That's why I would take pictures and thrift shop at the same time while eating a blueberry struesel muffin (my fave).
5. Fashion Retail something or other: Just a job around fashion or shoes. I think that would really get my creative juices cranking. Much more than punching numbers on a calculator. Ewwwwww! Don't you feel sorry for me?!!
6. Writer: Only problem with this one - and it's pretty small - is that I'm not good at it. That might get in the way of this one.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Sep 26, 2010

Around the house

I do love lazy, rainy, Sunday afternoons puttering around the house. A few things that I see while I'm still in my jammies :)

Sep 25, 2010

On Trend: Animal Print

Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. Do a trend, that is. But the animal print trend that is showing it's skin for the fall is kind of fun to play around with right now. I tend to buy trendy items that I think might not be around for a long time on the cheap. The animal print trend is something that is great to thrift for catch on sale. I bought these flats from Target back in the summer on the sale rack for about $5 bucks and really haven't worn them - kinda thought maybe I shouldn't have bought them because I couldn't think of what to pair them with - until fall rolled around and now I'm seeing it everywhere! I have a leopard print scarf that has been in my drawer since I graduated high school that I have never been able to seem to part with. It resurfaces ever few years or so and then I forget about it. I will definitely be working that in soon.

Photos by me

Dress: local resale shop
Scarf & brooch: vintage
Shoes: Target

Sep 24, 2010

Yellow, meet Cobalt

A pop of color for fall ya'll. I've mentioned before how much I love yellow. It makes me a very happy girl :) I threw this on for casual Friday at the office. I planned the whole outfit around the shoes and I grabbed this yellow shirt immediately. I debated with the belt because I thought it might be too matchy-matchy (AH! The ultimate sin, no?) But I love working this belt into as many outfits as I can because the color's great and it fits great. And the buckle...pretty pretty.
Good news guys! We GOT THE HOUSE! Yay! We made an offer Wednesday night. They came back with a counter offer and we re-countered. They took our final offer and I am so glad. Sweatin' it. I adore this house and I am excited to combine our fam's. We don't close until October 29th so there is a whole lotta work to be done before then. Packing...moving furniture...packing. I actually don't mind packing. It is a great cleansing process. Good time to downsize and decide what goes, what gets donated and a new chance to reorganize!

Photos by me (weird faces by me too)
Top & Shoes: Kmart
Jeans: NY & Company
Belt: Vintage, "Twice Round"
Watch: Thrifted, Goodwill

Sep 23, 2010


I'm thinking I probably should've been born Italian. Or Italian American. Especially since I really get a say so in that sort of thing. Point #1: I have the dark hair and the dark eyes (I know - blowing your mind right?)! Point #2: Spaghetti. Lasagna. Ravioli. I love Italian food. I just had an Italian sub sandwich for lunch with loads of vinegar and oregano. I can replace all other food with just Italian food for the rest of my life and die a happy woman. Fuhgetaboudit. Point #3: I once spent 2 weekends back to back watching ALL episodes of The Sopranos to get ready for watching season 6 "live". I can tell you all about the last episode. Spent days reading commentaries, reviews, thoughts & articles on that last episode too. Point #4: Italy is shaped like a boot. I love boots.
I think I've made my point.
And another thing...who can deny that Italian women do it best. Especially Sophia Loren....

all Sophia Loren photos are google images

Sep 21, 2010

Every Last Drop

Since it is still hitting the mid 80's every day I am squeezing in every last bit of summer wear....and creme colored shoes! That old rule of "no white shoes after Labor Day" is long gone. As a matter of fact, I don't know if any rules apply anymore. Except for the ones that call for common sense, of course. What would that be? Well....hmm...uh....don't wear wool in the summer? Other than that, I think anything goes. I love seeing individual styles and how two people can take the same outfit and wear it two totally different ways. I like getting inspiration from fashionistas that make the most of their wardrobe like wearing a skirt over a dress, sweater over a dress or an open dress as a vest. Thrilling!
I snapped a few outfit pics on my lunch break of a navy vintage flower motif skirt and a sharp red blouse. I had fun with these wedge shoes too. Anything that gives me a little bit of height is a plus since I am scrambling along at a mere 5 feet 3/4 inches.
Yes I will keep that 3/4 thank you.
I've had this pin for so long. Who doesn't want their name on a rainbow?!
photos by me

Shirt & Clutch: Thrifted, Goodwill
Skirt: Vintage, Twice Round
Shoes: Charles Albert
Pin: from my childhood
Necklace: local, handmade

Sep 20, 2010

Part of the Art

A couple of weeks ago I asked a good friend of mine if he would do a photo shoot with me that incorporated some local art - especially the graffiti that is an expert at shooting. zen has a great eye for photos and always finds the most interesting way to look at everyday things. He was the one that initially got me interested in photography and has offered me lots of advice over the years. He usually wins the Best Photography Blog that is announced every year at the BlogAsheville parties. And should! His art has been featured at one of the premier hotels here in Asheville as well. He is involved in so many things and his art is featured on Asheville websites, other peoples blogs, newspapers, could quite possibly be a full time job for him. On this particular day I asked him if he could make me part of the art. I think his photos came out excellent and I was very excited to be able to break out of my hum drum work clothes and don a menagerie of colors and textures all in one outfit. zen has a HUGE amount of beautiful and thought provoking photos on flickr. He has a photography blog at zenography and a written blog at zenscription. I encourage you to get lost in his photostream!

and a few when we had to take cover from the rain...
Photos by: zen Sutherland