Feb 29, 2012

The Secret World of Stitchery

My future mother-in-law gave me these really neat vintage needlepoint books. I have NO clue how to needlepoint or stitch. I have only done cross stitch in my lifetime. But I would like to eventually try one of these techniques. It looks super time consuming and a bit intimidating. I've had my eye on embroidery too as of late and I am tempted to take a class. Although, I really need to get basic sewing under my belt before I add anymore projects to my bucket list. The photos of these projects sure are fun to stare at, though. Look at that cute little pom pom fish pillow in the first photo. Cute!!

I really love the girly lace stuff too. Like the ones above on the left these below:

Yeah, don't know what any of that means but it sure does look purty

One of my favorites - this little poof footstool:


Well, if I can't use them now as guides I will use them as decoration!

Tea Time

Feb 28, 2012

Marble Necklace Girl

Top: Thrifted, Dress: NY&Co, Moccassins: Minnetonka, Necklace: Made by Gran Gran!

Brian's grandmother, aka Gran Gran, made this marble necklace. I didn't build the outfit around it so I was shocked when I realized it went with the dress and top perfectly. She sewed two pieces of fabric together and then stuffed it full of marbles. She added some beads for fabulousness.

Feb 27, 2012

Life Lately

     I have been experiencing some exciting changes in my life. I know this little blog is usually a showcase for fashion, recipes, my kid's face, and fun, sometimes silly, stuff. But it really is my daily journal (that I share with the world - weird!) so I thought I would get a little real today.
     I grew up in a Christian home. Probably didn't appreciate it very much in my teenage years but it did give me a good foundation for choices I was going to make in my life. Did I make good choices? I would say the majority of my choices were ok but I made some big time mistakes. I was really struggling Sunday morning with those big time mistakes and how they haunt my memory. I am working on really being able to release those memories, through God's help, of course.
     It is just really amazing to me when I look at where I came from and where I am now. I am in awe that I have made it this far! I was risky. I gambled a few times. I don't want to go into too many details since this is the internet - hello! But I do want to praise God for not letting me go. He was, and is, that good friend that will keep calling you even after you've let the machine get it time after time. He will send you flowers for no reason at all other than He loves you. He's is NOT that frenemy that will remind you of all the times you've screwed up and what you owe them. He bakes you cookies and leaves them on your doorstep with a little note that says, "Just thinking about you! Call me soon. I look forward to talking to you." Used to, I would scarf down all those delicious cookies and never call Him back. But you know what? He's not angry that I ditched him more times than I can count. Other friends would've just deleted me off of facebook. He is glad I finally called Him! He's glad!
     I am so ready to start this chapter of my life. I feel so light! I don't feel that heavy burden anymore. It's unbelievable because I was so so so resistant. I mean re.sis.tant. Can I make that any clearer? I really did try to do all these other things to see if I could finally be happy. And the funny part was that I would always wonder why I wasn't finally happy. Like it was some kind of a big mystery or something. Ha! I laugh at myself. I love myself! I love myself now. Thanks to Jesus.

Ya'll have a great day!!!!!!!


photo source

Feb 26, 2012

Princess Party Nails

A Saturday morning spent playing with pink nail polish. 
A perfect morning.

1. OPI Got a Date To-Knight
2. Milani Jewel FX Hot Pink

prep: clear base coat  finish: two top clear coats

Feb 25, 2012

Half of One Girl

Blouse, Skirt, Belt: Thrifted, Sweater: NY&Co, Heels: Target, Sunnies: Ebay, Scarf: DIY

This scarf used to be a sweater dress that really just did not flatter my figure at all. In fact, I wondered if I was sleepwalking when I bought it because I should've known better. It was in the donate pile but I pulled it out, cut it in half and ended up with a cropped sweater and an infinity scarf. Much better.

Feb 24, 2012

Flat Out

Fabulous Flats

Giuseppe Zanotti ballet flat, $795See by Chloe flat, $250Kate spade flat, $225ALDO ballet flat, $98Toast ballet flat, £85ASOS ballet flat, $45Flat, $30Call it SPRING flat, $8H M ballet flat, £7.99

Feb 23, 2012

Matchy Matchy Girl

Shirt & Sweater: Thrifted, Jeans: Walmart, Boots: Ebay, Belt: NY&Co

I have to tell myself no so many times with this shirt because I could literally wear it every day. It fits excellent, it's nice and roomy and so soft. This day I decided to dress it up a bit and put it with a ruffle sweater and tall brown boots.

A DIY mani I tried with grey polish and gold sparkles

Here's how I wore my gingham flannel the first time

Feb 22, 2012

Flowers and Lace Nails

I have fallen into the rabbit hole of nail art. It's addictive. Beware!

I picked up this box of nail strips at CVS for $6.49. You get two designs. One is the lace and flower and one is a lace and leopard print.

It was so easy!!! I put them all on while we were watching Drive. Which, by the way, was good but slow? weird? But I like weird, I mean one of my favorite movies was Fargo. It was like a boring weird. I don't know. Off topic.

I did have a pair of small scissor that I used to trim them down once I stuck them on my nail. But the strips themselves fit my nail very well. I didn't have to trim by the cuticles. You can if you need to. I did that on one because I wanted the design on that particular strip on a smaller finger. An idea on the packaging was cutting parts of the stickers out to put on top of solid nail polish. Like a flower on your ring finger or something. Just in case you don't want an all over sticker fest like me.

Seriously easy fun times. And the best thing? No drying time. No clean up. No messy polish. This may just end up being the new way for any kind of color on my nails. Please ignore the icky cuticles. Skippy knows I'm working on it :)

Feb 21, 2012

Promises Girl

Remember when I said I wanted to add some of the color Cobalt to my life? Well, I knew I had these cobalt heels but I had never really stepped outside of my little box and wore them with anything other than black. Black pants, black tights, etc.
With this outfit, I started with the shoes and the tights and built it up from there. I went with a neutral skirt and then while I was scratching my head in the closet I noticed this scarf. Perfect! I tried several options but settled on the green sweater. I felt really great in this outfit and got lots of "blue shoes" remarks from my fellow office drones. (And I got to wear my super tacky bracelet that I love best.)

Feb 20, 2012

Make Style Work

While planning the family beach trip and an escape wedding to New Orleans, I've been thinking about an easy way to carry my things with me while we sight see. I remember the mini backpacks from the mid-90s. I had one. Loved it. Then hated it. Like with a passion, hated it. Cringed at the sight of it. But now in 2012, they are growing on me. I see that they are starting to come back...slowly.. Ok. I don't want to carry one every day but I would like it as an option when I'm on the go all day long or doing some mommy things with the kiddo. I do miss the days of being hands free! Here are a few options in case you want to try too: 
Southwestern Back Packs

Bright Solids Back Packs

Flirty Florals Backpacks

Hot Glam Backpacks

Feb 18, 2012

Date Night Girl

Top: Family Dollar, Skirt: Thrifted, Tights: Target. Shoes: Ebay, Belt: Charlotte Russe, Clutch: Thrifted

The fiance and I went out Friday night for a post Valentine's Day dinner. I had steak for the first time in forever! It was very tasty but the chocolate lava cake for dessert won as best taste of the night. What can I say? I rarely eat red meat but I have a consistent diet of choco!

The first skirt I tried on didn't work out (a.k.a. too darn tight) and I got a bit frustrated but it all melted away when I found the bow belt and the shoes to go with this skirt. I fell in LOVE with this outfit. Far better than the first one I was thinking of anyway. 

The fiance looking quite dapper, no?

photos by Brian