Apr 8, 2014

Our Honeymoon Trip

Like I said yesterday, my hubs and I never got around to taking a honeymoon when we got married back in 2012. We finally made the decision to rent a cabin in the woods and narrowed it down to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. If you are in Western North Carolina sooner or later you end up in a cabin in Gatlinburg. It's just where you go! Even though I had been there before we had never been there together. We loved our cabin and we loved loved loved the relaxing hot tub. It felt so good on a chilly night. 

Here's a little look at where we went, what we did, and what we saw. Lots of photos coming - sorry!


Our little cabin was exactly what we needed and everything I hoped it would be. I would highly recommend Jackson Mountain Homes if you are in the market for renting a cabin in the woods!

A peek inside:

I could not have asked for a better view

On our way in we stopped to enjoy the scenery. I stood in a tornado of little periwinkle butterflies.

After we arrived we soon discovered that this was our favorite thing to do:

We kept some relaxing incense burning and treated ourselves to sweets! Treat yo self!

Downtown we acted like the complete tourists we were took in the sights and sounds


I don't even know. My hubs said "What is this some kind of yoga?"

Lots of moonshine bars happening. I think we walked into 3 in less than half a mile.

We ended up purchasing one of these for the house

On our way back we ended up stopping at the Oconaluftee Visitor Center and they had a mountain home museum which was like an old world farm setup that you could walk through. I loved it! I'm such a nerd for history.


We had a great time and we did NOT want to come back to the real world!

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures.

skippy haha said...

congratulations! love the pictures, thanks for sharing! i'd love to stay at cubs cove!

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