Nov 26, 2014

Craft Fail Book Feature AND...a GIVEAWAY!

Hey guys! We all love a good Pinterest session. But sometimes the effort just doesn't pay off. This is where some of the funniest stuff happens.

If you've been following One Girl for a while you will remember back when I tried and failed at spray painting a pair of heels hot pink. Check it out here in case you want a nice laugh. Well lucky for me that fail turned into a win! I uploaded my fail to the ever awesome blog Craft Fail and low and behold I got featured in their book that they just published! My terrible neon pink shoes can be found in Craft Fail, When Homemade Goes Horribly Wrong by Heather Mann. I love it! Check it out! 

My pitiful shoes in all their glory on page 26!

I have been cracking up at this book with every page turn. Here's some of the other fails.


 I've got an extra copy that I can send to one of you! 

Enter in the giveaway for a chance to win a copy of Craft Fail. All you need to do is just make sure you're a follower of A Day in the Life of One Girl in Google Friend Connect and you're set! Enter for more chances to win by liking my facebook page. Good Luck! Giveaway will be open until December 11th.

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Nov 19, 2014

Vintage Chairish

Remember a while back when I introduced you to Chairish and all of their wonderful vintage furniture? Well, well, well. They've given me another reason to drool over their website and that's because they just introduced their vintage jewelry collection! Between remodeling my whole house with their furniture and this new jewelry release I'm going to need to get two jobs to afford everything I want! I wish I had more pieces of my grandmother's jewelry. I have only a very few. She wasn't one to have a ton of jewelry to begin with. I love scouring estate sales for those special pieces. Chairish has done the scouring for you!

 Look at these beauties:

Gorgeous huh? I know! Head on over to Chairish and drool some more. I am head over heels for jumpsuits right now. Here's a little peek at how I would put together a look for a holiday party complete with Chairish jewels!
Chairish Vintage Jewelry

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Nov 18, 2014

Top It Off Girl

Sweater: Thrifted (similar), Jeans: Thrifted Lee (similar), Boots: Bongo, Hat: Eddie Bauer (similar)

An oversized cozy sweater that I found in the men's section at the thrift store went perfectly with my new boots, that I must add, were given to me by my sweet, sweet mom! On her birthday no less! I am one spoiled daughter I can tell you that. I spoil my little guy too so I get it. I get it. I topped this outfit off with a soft gray wool hat from Eddie Bauer. I got this hat a few years ago as a Christmas present and I haven't really been able to style it very well. Today, everything just fell in place. No tripods to set up today! My very kind and patient hubby took these photos for me. Aww. Thanks darlin.

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Nov 17, 2014

DIY {Five Minute Pocketbook Makeover}

I have a terribly old pocketbook that was in much need of a makeover. I grabbed a scarf from my closet and replaced the threadbare straps with a fun pop of color! Best thing about it is I can change out the scarf every time I use it. I was about ready to donate this guy so this was the perfect diy for a breath of fresh air to a dying bag!

What you'll need:


See these ugly straps?!

Cut 'em off!

Thread the scarf through the rings

Pull scarf through evenly

Finish off by tying a bow or a knot

I decided I didn't like the green that much. I grabbed my leopard print scarf instead and loved it much better!

Nov 13, 2014

Comfort Girl

Sweater: Thrifted Target, Denim Shirt: Thrifted Levi's, Pants: Thrifted, Shoes: L.L. Bean

You may be asking yourself...does this girl wear anything other than her L.L. Bean boots? Not lately. They are just too darn comfy and too darn easy to throw on when I'm heading out the door. Plus I just got through watching Olive Kitteridge on HBO since I had just finished reading the book and Olive wears her Bean boots a couple of times in the movie. Perfect setting since it is filmed in Maine. So that just gave me the extra fuel I needed to wear them again...and again... But I promise to spice it up soon around here! No worries. If you haven't read or watched Olive Kitteridge I would recommend it. Read it first, of course, for the true experience. Although HBO does very well with the small screen adaptation. Francis McDormand is fantastic. Her interview with Katie Couric is interesting too. She is very frank and honest with aging and how women get all tripped up in the anxiety of it all. Something that I don't want to admit that I am doing and will do more of...age. In the meantime my Maine hunting boots will be a tribute to Olive today. Cheers Ollie.

Nov 5, 2014

Warm Fuzzies Girl

Outfit Details: Flannel: Woolrich, Leggings: Family Dollar, Scarf: old??, Socks: Amazon, Shoes: LL Bean boots
(easy "shop this look" links at bottom of this post!)

I wanted to share a few more photos from the time I spent at my friend's lake house a few weeks back. Wow. Looking at these photos makes me want to go back so badly! I think these are some of my most favorite photos in a long while. I take my photos all by my lonesome with the help of a tripod and a remote. So for the photos to turn out as good as they did here - lighting, angles, time of day, etc - makes me happy. It is a hard thing to get right. It is a rare occurrence around here! Basically...just dumb luck. Really and truly the main reason they are so good is the gosh darn awesome setting. I would've liked to have the lake in the background but the lighting wasn't working when I tried to shoot that way. Only a professional photographer could've made that magic work! Maybe one day...

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Nov 1, 2014

Halloween Girl

Tee: Thrifted, Long Sleeve: Family Dollar, Pants: Eddie Bauer (similar), Shoes: Vans

Hi kiddos! Hope you had a great Halloween! 

I went as your garden variety vampire bat and my husband was a mix of zombie/vampire/rodeo clown! 

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