Sep 30, 2013

Breaking Out the Boots Girl

Sweater & Dress: Thrifted, Belt: NY&Co, Boots: Dolce Vita

I can't say I love this outfit. It feels a little dated I think. Like maybe a little too 90s. It worked out a lot better in my head but I didn't have time to change before I was running out the door to meet a friend for lunch. I've got an idea on how to update the look for the next go around.

Sep 28, 2013

Late in the Day Girl

Top: Kmart, Sweater, Belt & Jeans: Thrifted, Boots: Dan Post

I do believe this leather belt is the best thing I have ever thrifted over the years. Whenever I throw on my cowgirl boots I just have to wear the belt too. Some may think it's overkill. I say it's necessary, partner.

Sep 27, 2013

Head Scarf Girl

Sweater: Lands End, Jeans & Scarf: NY&Co, Shirt: Gap, Oxfords: Ebay

Needing something interesting to do with this mop of hair in my head I headed over to Keiko's blog to do her version of the head scarf thingie. Her hair is always amazing and everything always looks fantastic on her. I feel like it fell flat on me though. It worked but I got tired of it shortly after this picture. I don't know, just didn't feel like me. I was very, very tired so maybe that had something to do with it. Maybe the huge, dark bags under my eyes just weren't feeling it. Ah well, it did fit the bill for changing it up a little bit and that's what I was going after.

Life Lately: Kids & Stuff

Hey there everyone! Sorry for the long pause in blogging. I've been having some blah days and then I've been having some busy days. Some days I get the outfit photo taken but never get around to getting it posted. Other days, I clearly have no motivation. A couple days were full of rain and what I was wearing consisted of these rain boots and a boring raincoat. Fashion runway let me tell ya!

But really the main question for today is can there be anyone better dressed for the rain than my niece?!

Of course my son needs a photo with the star of the hour

The ever-so-frustrating-for-parents school fundraising has commenced and just my luck they are awarding kids these monkeys on lanyards for every 2 items that they sell. You sell 2 items, you get a monkey. Allll the kids at school have tons of monkeys mom! So here I go to grandpa, grandma....pleading to help with monkeys. Here he is with his first one, cool dude monkey.

Which is a much happier face than the one he had on the first day of school:

The enthusiasm! WOW!

Sep 24, 2013

WIndow Shopping at Target

I would love to run out the door right now and get my shop on. But, alas, I cannot. I realized how pathetic and sad my little fall wardrobe was when I started unpacking it yesterday. You know when you look at your clothes and you're just kinda like...blech. It's alright. I'm not as much of a clotheshorse as I used to be. I used to buy everything I could get my hands on just in case I might want to wear it at some point. I really try to make more strategic purchases now. AND since I quit my job to do this mom & wifey thing full time, well, the funds just aren't there anymore. That's why I like to window shop, put together outfits, see if it's really something I want. Then usually around birthday, mother's day or Christmas time, I have an idea of what I want to spend my money on or put on my wish list. My sweet little husband knows to shop off my amazon wish list :)
 How do you like to shop? In the store first or online first?

**I am not affliated with Target. Clicking on these links will only take you to the website, no revenue for me. Just love to shop there!

Sep 18, 2013

Enjoying the Birthday Gift Girl

Top: Thrifted (not shown), Jeans: Levis/Thrifted, Shoes: L.L. Bean

Oh how excited I was that my hubby had these Maine Hunting Boots from L.L. Bean ready for me to hug on my birthday morning. I really really enjoy them. It's nice to have a waterproof shoe that isn't a boot! There are times I want to pull on boots and then there are times when I just want a slip on that is ready for the outdoors.

These shoes are made to wear with big, thick socks for the winter but I just pulled them on with no socks today. I paired them with boyfriend jeans and an easy striped shirt. Let's admit it, these boyfriend jeans aren't the most attractive article of clothing for my body shape but they are another birthday purchase that I scored at the thrift shop. Thank goodness I didn't waste $70 on them like the ones I thought I wanted. I just don't think they look good enough on me to spend that much. But $3? Ok. I'll try it!

Sep 17, 2013

Into the Fall Girl

Dress: Asos, Sandals: Kohl's

I like that this dress gives a nod to fall with it's darker colors but it is still light and breezy enough to handle the midday heat. 

I pulled my hair back into a low twist and added my favorite butterfly necklace.I did get my little piggies into the fall mood by painting them a bit of a darker purple color.

Here's how I wore it in 2011 - Christmas Style!

Sep 16, 2013

Fish on Pants Girl

Top & Pants: Thrifted, Wedges: Target

Pants with little fishies on them - who needs anything else? Well, I have had these pants hanging around for a while. I've worn them only one other time. I've not been able to fit into them for years to tell you the truth. I didn't even think I would be able to get them back on but I was sorting all of my summer things into a keep, toss or sell pile and I came across these bad boys. I tried them on expecting them to go into the toss pile pretty quickly. They fit so I will keep them for a little bit longer. Even though I feel a little bit Christmas-y in this green and red color palette!

Product Review: Sargento Cheese Snacks

After I received my free sample of Sargento Cheese Snacks from Influenster, I used a recipe from Emily Bites and created a tasty appetizer! Check out my video below to see how it went down!

  *I received a free sample from Influenster. These opinions are my own.*

Sep 14, 2013

Something Tasty: Crockpot Applesauce

I had a few apples that were less than fabulous looking and were just hanging around in the fruit basket. No one was touching them. Poor things! So I clicked around on Pinterest and got some ideas for applesauce made in the crockpot. I didn't officially follow any recipe but this is really a no-fail kind of thing.

Here's what I started with:

4 apples
brown sugar
apple cider mix

I cored the apples and then made sure there weren't any rough feeling leftovers.

I put the apples the crockpot. I kept the peeling on because that's where the fiber is. But you could definitely peel them. I used a plastic liner because I thought it might get a bit sticky but I ended up making a hole in it anyway. Sheesh!

I added to the apples:
 one packet of apple cider mix
1 tablespoon of brown sugar 
a shake of cinnamon
1 cup of water 

You can add more or less of any of the ingredients. If you have more apples, add more! Get creative. You better believe if I would have had some blueberries I would've added them too.

All done!