May 31, 2011


Dress: Modcloth    Bolero: NY&CO     Sandals: Aldo

Out for a night on the town with the gals! Dinner @ 7:00 at Avenue M. Finally getting to catch up with an old friend that I haven't been able to connect with in a while. Life gets busy and schedules are hard to match up. But it finally worked out! Yay!!!

 My sweet pie - came out really late to come pick me up. So sweet! Here he is telling me (with his eyes) that it's probably time to go. Yes - it is! Thank you :)

May 30, 2011


I'm a big fan of street festivals and we headed down to one last weekend. I wore this deep blue green maxi dress because of the comfy factor. Makes it easy to walk in the crowds, snack on Mediterranean food and listen to a variety of bands. Afterwords we sat in the shade with some friends and had a cookout and some cold drinks. Good days!

May 29, 2011

One Day

Top: Thrifted   Jeans: Thrifted    Shoes: Go Jane    Bangles: NY&CO    Shades: RayBan     Bag: Thrifted

Grooviness. Having fun with bangles and boot cut jeans. It's tempting to wear a ton of these bangles at once and I finally did it. Drove the people at work crazy I'm sure.

May 24, 2011

Feminine Western

Those are the words a lady I work with used to describe this outfit. Feminine Western. Cute! A little denim - a little animal print. I really wanted to bring this sheer skirt back out of the closet and use it for summer. I chose to wear some leggings underneath to keep it work friendly. But I would love to throw on a black mini underneath and tank on top for a night out.

Photos by Brian

Denim Shirt: Thrifted
Sheer Skirt: Thrifted
Belt: Forever 21
Leggings: NY & Co
Shoes: Runway for Kmart

May 17, 2011

What's Black and White and Red All Over? Me, silly!

Hi all! Back in the saddle I am! I figured since I kicked off my reappearance in the blogosphere by announcing my engagement, I might as well follow it up with some wacky fashion, eh? Why not. Well....let's see. Things haven't changed much. Parenting a 4 year old is still hard as hell. No change there. We have settled in to our house - finally. I even switched over my winter closet into a summer closet since (pout) I'm not lucky enough to have a closet big enough for both seasons. I call that pretty settled when you've went through 2 closet changes. Ummm...welllll... I did get a hair cut. That was pretty exciting. Other than that - you didn't miss much! It is good to be back and although I know the reasoning behind my shying away from blogging back in February, it feels excellent to have an outfit post. What can I say!

 Pic's by my fiancĂ© Brian!

Blouse, Pants & Belt: Thrifted 
Shoes: Target
Hat: Modcloth

Have a great week!

May 15, 2011

A Great Vacay

Saturday was festival day so we spent some time listening to beach music, drinking beer from plastic cups and looking at kitschy knickknacks from the street vendors. Later that night we took a stroll down to our favorite Irish pub that has become a favorite part of each voyage to the beach. We sat down on the back deck and let the ocean become our entertainment. Brian asked if we could catch the last bit of sunshine on the sand before it disappeared. Over the sand dunes and down onto the sand, Brian took off his shoes while I watched the ocean keep a steady pace. Rarely do I take in the current moment. I am mostly living two steps ahead with fuzzy memories of the past, at best. Memories that seem to escape me unless I put my life to music. Then they all seem to come rushing back at once with the break neck speed of a hurricane or tsunami. But at this moment, I remember forcing myself to stop. I watched the waves and listened to what was being said to me. Brian was telling me of his need for me and how I have become his best friend. I, of course, reciprocated each heart felt confession with one of my own. We nestled in each others arms; full of contentment and hope. I even mentioned that he had just said his vows to me and laughed at how easy it was. "See!" I said, "It could be that easy, ya know". We both laughed it off and walked back towards the dunes. Stopping to gather his shoes, he asked if I would like to build a sand castle. I, living two moments a head of this one, wondered why because I was getting hungry and I could bet a dollar he was starving. I chuckled and threw out a handful of words that meant something to the effect of "okayyyy..." Then I saw in his hand something shiny...and beautiful. I shrieked "Brian! Look at what you've found!" Immediately, I begin to think of the closest pawn shop. No silly. That diamond is for you. For me? Why?
He was down on one knee as he placed the ring on my finger. He asked me if I would marry him. 
Of course, I said.
His parents and son were waiting at a table on that back deck that we had ventured off of only a few minutes ago. They had stealthily made their way in without me noticing. But then again, I missed all of the other clues that had whizzed by me that day and night too. We ate dinner and enjoyed our new friend on my left hand.

Thank you Brian, for inviting me into your life and asking me to stay - forever. 
I love you.