Mar 31, 2014

Lost Girl

Sweater: Thrifted (similar), Flannel: Woolrich (similar Woolrich), Skirt: NY&Co via Ebay (similar), Tights: Walmart, Boots: Thrifted (similar), Boots socks: DIY

Immediately after taking these photos I lost my phone. I had laid it on my car while I was setting up the camera. I was going to get a photo on my phone so I could quicky upload to Instagram and whatnot. I don't normally take my photo with me to outfit shoots but I did this time. Bad idea. My only guess is that after I folded up the tripod and put the camera back in the car, I drove away with the phone on the trunk of my car. When I got back home, which is about 5 minutes away, I realized I didn't have it. I drove back down where I was and it was no where to be seen. It wasn't even crushed in a million pieces on the road. Someone must have seen it and picked it up. That's all I can think of. We took all the steps with Verizon for lost phone drama. And I am up for a new one in a week or so. I am back to a dumb phone until then. It's been a blessing and a curse. The one thing I miss the most is my google calendar. I had that puppy set up with reminders throughout the day. Can't wait to get that back! 

On another note, these little boot socks came from an old pair of camp socks of my husbands. I know, ewwwww right? No. I cut the foot of them off so it was just the top band. I'll show you the before and after in my next post. So easy. I guess this could be a "glamping" kind of outfit!

another messy braid ponytail

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