Dec 4, 2010

Merry Early Christmas To ME

This is going to be one of those shameless, shallow posts that focuses on the fact that my new Steve Madden boots finally arrived. Five days later than I expected. It was torture. Pure torture waiting on them to get here. Now they're here! Can you see the extreme happiness going on here?!
I wore this little super comfy comfy outfit to work on Friday. I could probably wear leggings and a tunic almost every day. Way more delightful than plain ol' jeans. These leggings and I have been through a lot. They have seen their fare share of sweater tunics, flowy tunics, high heel sandals and booties. Boy - they sure have grown on me. Not literally grown on me - I can still take them off.
So while I am posting this most amazing post (right?) the sky just got finished dumping some freezing rain on us. Not too much, just enough to make it a little worrisome to travel, maybe. But I don't have to go anywhere or do anything! Yay! Saturdays are definitely better than Mondays. And black olives. Blech!
Photos by me

Tunic: Thrifted - local consignment shop
Leggings: NY&Company
Boots: Steve Madden "Candence"
Hairband: Forever 21

Happy Saturday! Going to head over to Here's Looking at Me Kid to check out her DIY post on paper snowflakes!!!!


Nana Erin said...

"I could probably wear leggings and a tunic almost every day."

ME TOO. So much more comfy to me than jeans. And I love that one! Such a cute look.

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