Sep 12, 2021

Goldie's Outfits in the 1992 Movie Housesitter


Have you ever seen the 1992 rom-com Housesitter? Well, it popped up on Hulu a few weeks back and I remembered how much I loved this movie! I added it to my watchlist and finally got around to it this weekend. Yep, it's still as funny as it was the first time. Goldie and Steve have great chemistry but come to think of it, Goldie Hawn ALWAYS has great chemistry...with everyone! 

She plays a girl named Gwen that is kind of a con-artist but only in the best way. Steve plays a practical but gullible guy named Davis. BUT the best part was revisiting all of Goldie's outfits! I forgot how awesome they were.

I took some screenshots so I could round them all up and post here. I loved them all!!!

(Now, these are all screenshots so, bad quality, but you can still get the jist.)

Also, I'm going in order of the way they appear in the movie. I love how the costume designer reused her pieces and mixed in some menswear from his closet to come up with new outfits.

First up...look at these beautiful high waisted jeans and cute cropped cardigan she's wearing as a shirt.

Now, this next one is probably my favorite outfit. 
Faded high waisted Levi's, a red bodysuit, an animal print furry cropped coat and cowboy boots! She's wearing a brooch on her jeans near the pocket. We will see that and the necklace again later in the movie.

This next one feels very 90s. A floral babydoll sheer dress and black leggings with flats. We will see the flats again too. Here, Gwen is with Becky (played by Dana Delany) who is very classic J Crew. 

This one might be her most recognizable one from the movie? Maybe it's just me. I feel like I have seen this one a bit more than the others. I love it. Black flats are back! 

I loved how they really put her in a lot of bright colors. She makes great use of accessories.

A little red, white and blue number! The tassel necklace is back too.

Her hilarious dance montage scene!

Recycling the cute jeans and cowboy boots with an oversized men's sweatshirt (Davis gives her a hard time in the movie for wearing his clothes) I kinda wanna wear this outfit asap.

Looking stunning in a beautiful royal blue off the shoulder sweater! I believe she has the leggings on again in this scene.

Mixing a little 80s and 90s with the broad shoulder cropped blazer and dark floral mini skirt. The brooch makes a comeback here too. You can also see a little blue scrunchie? around her wrist that shows up in some other outfits.

I love this balloon sleeve sweater!

And here's the mens sweatshirt again, the brooch, the black leggings and the black flats.

We get the Levi's again, the white tee shirt and the tassel necklace again in this scene. You can never go wrong with Levi's and a white tee.

The classic LBD with more great accessories! I feel like I have seen more than my fair share of these necklaces at the thrift.

And the last scene with this AWESOME winter SWEATER!!! The jeans and the boots are back and the scarf from the hot orange outfit too!

I feel like you could thrift any one of these items. Good inspiration! 


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