Aug 9, 2016

Geometric Dress Girl


These photos are a wee bit old. From May to be exact! I've really been consciously uncoupling from the blog for a while. Just enjoying summer and life. Not documenting very many outfits. Most days I am wearing things that are NOT blog worthy anyway and then, on the other hand, sometimes I am dressing up but not feeling the photo taking chore. 

These photos were taken with my iphone on a date night with my hubby. That's the only reason these photos exist because the phone is easy to grab and snap pics!

Stop and smell the roses...

A tasty little charcuterie board at the Battery Park Book Exchange

Such a enrapturing place...

The hubs

Didn't know dogs were allowed...I doubt our dog would sit still for three seconds for me to be able to bring the coffee cup to my lips...

Outfit Details:
Wedges: Maurices

Aug 8, 2016

DIY {Curb Appeal - Mailbox Makeover}

Just wanted to share with you guys our curb side mailbox makeover!

Our mailbox was old and dilapidated and honestly, barely hanging on. The little red arm was long gone and the door barely closed. Pitiful! We think that someone might have backed into at some point. Either UPS or a neighbor. Anyway. We knew we needed a new box but we decided to give the whole area a facelift.


We painted the post a earth-toned, warm, beige color. We bought a larger and more sturdier mailbox, a wine barrel and three plants. The three plants were actually three plants within itself. We cut the bottom out of the wine barrel and slipped it over the post. We did have to cut off the very tippy top of the post to squeak the barrel over it. But it was a great opportunity to add a solar light to the top! It ended up being a great thing that we didn't even consider in the beginning. I love seeing the light when I pull up at dusk.

Now, don't judge the weeds on the ground next to it. I literally just pulled these a few days ago and they are back. We have had SO much rain. Our future plans could be to build out a a rock wall with some weed prevention.

We added our street number to the post as well. That's why there is a little heart in the photo below :)

These little flowers are just exploding!

These flowers are annuals so they will die back, which will be heartbreaking because they are THRIVING!