May 31, 2012

LWD Girl

Dress: Thrifted NY&Co, Sandals: Target

The Little White Dress has taken over the Little Black Dress.

Let summer begin.


May 30, 2012


I'm totally honest here on the ole blog and I'm going to show you what a mess I made out of this.

After seeing it done all over the internet I thought I would try the "just-spray-it-with-neon-spray-paint" thing. Well, needless to say my try was a fail.

First I primed the shoes with white spray paint. Wow! I'm doing good, I thought.

Then I thought, "What the heck! Let's throw in some jewelry for fun!"

The only necklace to survive was the pink one. The other two would get stuck to the paper and just moved around too much to work, if that makes any sense. The chains and the little parts didn't hold the paint well and chipped, cracked and all that good stuff. The pink necklace doesn't have any "moving parts" and it seemed to work a little better.

Except, when I put it on. IT STINKS way too much to wear it that close to my nose!!!

I was really excited about the shoes

Until I actually wore them to work

They cracked and chipped all over the place. If I would have had another pair of shoes with me I think I would have put these in the office shredder.

So I thought I could either:

1) fix them
2) toss them

I tossed them. I don't have the patience to try to fix them. Plus, they weren't that comfortable anyway and gave me a blister. I think I will give this DIY a big thumbs down.


May 29, 2012

A Little Bit of Fun

Some highlights of the lake trip...

May 28, 2012

Lake Girl

Dress: Thrifted Old Navy, Sandals & Hat: Target

A refreshing break at the lake was exactly what I needed. 

May 26, 2012

Lake & Bake

I'm at the lake today guys. Soaking up some nectar (sun). I don't plan on diving in with my butt up in the air like this guy, but I do plan on some heavy relaxation.

I'll see ya soon!

Have a great holiday weekend :)

May 25, 2012

Style Watch Inspiration: Minka Kelly

Style Watch - Minka Kelly
Wide leg pants are my hero. They make me seem taller and they tend to hide my larger bottom half pretty well. I have yet to find a second pair but I have a few on Pinterest that are patiently waiting on my shopping ban to end next month. In the meantime,

Here is my take on Minka's wide leg ensemble:

May 24, 2012

Lunch @ the Park Girl

 Dress: ?Target? Sweater: Thrifted Chadwicks, Sandals: Kohls, Headband: Mark, Necklace: Vintage

Earlier that day....

 A wonderful picnic at the park for lunch. Ahhh...I didn't want to leave. That's my strawberry, walnut, spinach and goat cheese salad right down there: