Apr 15, 2014

DIY {Magnetic Kid's Chalkboard Chore Chart}

I introduced chores to my 6 year old son a few months back but I wanted a better way for him to see what he needed to do and check it off as he finished them. I had a paper chore chart up for a while with just a magnet to hold it onto the fridge. I didn't want to print out a new one each week. Ain't nobody got time for that! So we tried just erasing the checks at the end of the week. That was just as annoying. 

For my first attempt I tried using a photo frame with the glass still in and spray painting the glass with chalkboard spray paint. I glued magnets to the back. I couldn't get the magnets to hold. I went to the craft store looking for heavy duty magnets and I came across a magnetic printable canvas a little bigger than an 8 x 10. Perfect! Also, did you know you could use a white colored pencil on chalkboard and it won't erase but it looks like white chalk when you write? I saw that on another blog and knew it would work here perfectly.


*Magnetic sheet
*Chalkboard Spray Paint
*White Colored Pencil
*Pencil with eraser
*Measuring Tape
*Hot glue gun
*Ruler (I used a straight edge from my folder because I need to get a ruler!)
*chalk & dry washcloth/wipe- not pictured
*optional: Jute(Twine) - not pictured

Spray paint the magnetic canvas. I did two coats.

Here's what it looks like dry

Take a piece of chalk and rub it over the surface to give it more of a used chalkboard look.

I mapped out what I wanted it to look like on a piece of paper so I could tweak it if need be. Measure out your grid lines on your chalkboard surface.

Use your pencil to make your preliminary mark for your grid. Use your white colored pencil when you are ready to make your permanent lines. Here's where I really need a ruler!

It doesn't have to be exact. Just nice and clean so it looks grid-like.

Make your title, days of the week letters and chore list with the colored pencil. Don't worry if you make a mistake. Use the pencil eraser and wipe over it with your cloth.


I added the twine to the border to give it a little more something to it.

 Tie a knot at the end to prevent fraying. Use hot glue to hold it down.

Finished! It turned out exactly the way I had hoped. His chores are to water and feed the dog daily, dust his bedroom weekly, take out all the bathroom trash weekly and pick up his bath toys after each bath. It's what works for us.

It sticks firmly to the fridge. I added a little sliver of magnet (I already had a small piece) with hot glue to the piece of chalk to keep it nearby.

Apr 14, 2014

And A Short Jacket Girl

Blazer: Walmart (similar), Tunic: Walmart, Jeans: Lee Curvy Skinny, Boots: Dolce Vita (similar) Necklace: ?

Buried underneath lots of other photos was this outfit I wore a couple of weeks ago that just never made it on the blog. The weather has taken a turn for the dreary so I will be back in long sleeves for a bit longer. I haven't gotten my summer stuff out of storage yet and now I'm even in less of a hurry to drag them out. It was so nice for my son's birthday party on Saturday and that's all I asked for!

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Apr 10, 2014

DIY T-shirt Scarf

I found this pin on Pinterest and decided to give it a try. It was really super easy. 

All you need is:
*a t-shirt

Cut the top part off. Wherever you want to start is fine. I didn't want that little pocket in the scarf so I cut right under the pocket.

Here's one thing I did NOT do that I wish I would have. I should have cut the hem off the bottom. You'll see what I mean in a minute.
Cut slits up the bottom of the t-shirt like this:

All the way across

Start pulling each piece. This is where I didn't like the little "tabs" on the end from where the hem was.

I cut them off one by one

That's it!

You could add beads at this point or whatever you wanted to do to spice it up. I just kept it plain. 

This is a pin-win in my book. Easy to do. Took about 5 minutes. No fail recipe.

Apr 9, 2014

A Night Out Girl

Cardgian: Thrifted (similar), Tunic (Walmart, similar), Blue Scarf: Walmart, Gray Scarf: DIY (details tomorrow), Leggings: Kohl's, Boots: Ebay (similar)

I'm glad I packed a lot of layers for our trip up to the mountains of Tennessee. I definitely needed them. It wasn't uncomfortably cold but there was still a spring chill in the air. On our last night there we decided to go to The Peddler and have a nice steak dinner. I was such a meat eater on this trip! It was crazy. Every time I turned around I was ordering a hamburger, steak or ribs! Yes, I was off the diet for this trip! Our dinner at The Peddler was probably the best dinner I have had in a very long time. Definitely the best steak. And the salad bar was awesome. I got a twice baked potato instead of plain because, well, I'm smart about things like that. No room for dessert but we had cupcakes waiting for us at home!

I have a DIY that I will post on how to make this gray scarf. SO easy. Really.

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Apr 8, 2014

Our Honeymoon Trip

Like I said yesterday, my hubs and I never got around to taking a honeymoon when we got married back in 2012. We finally made the decision to rent a cabin in the woods and narrowed it down to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. If you are in Western North Carolina sooner or later you end up in a cabin in Gatlinburg. It's just where you go! Even though I had been there before we had never been there together. We loved our cabin and we loved loved loved the relaxing hot tub. It felt so good on a chilly night. 

Here's a little look at where we went, what we did, and what we saw. Lots of photos coming - sorry!


Our little cabin was exactly what we needed and everything I hoped it would be. I would highly recommend Jackson Mountain Homes if you are in the market for renting a cabin in the woods!

A peek inside:

I could not have asked for a better view

On our way in we stopped to enjoy the scenery. I stood in a tornado of little periwinkle butterflies.

After we arrived we soon discovered that this was our favorite thing to do:

We kept some relaxing incense burning and treated ourselves to sweets! Treat yo self!

Downtown we acted like the complete tourists we were took in the sights and sounds


I don't even know. My hubs said "What is this some kind of yoga?"

Lots of moonshine bars happening. I think we walked into 3 in less than half a mile.

We ended up purchasing one of these for the house

On our way back we ended up stopping at the Oconaluftee Visitor Center and they had a mountain home museum which was like an old world farm setup that you could walk through. I loved it! I'm such a nerd for history.


We had a great time and we did NOT want to come back to the real world!

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