Sep 2, 2015

Late Summer Girl

A few late summer outfits will be floating around here for a few days...or weeks. I don't pack up my summer stuff until I absolutely have to! Looking around my closet I see so many things I didn't even wear this year. And about 50% of those things I want to toss in the trash - I'm tired of them! Now, this little romper number; I'll keep. Jumpsuits, rompers...still obsessed.

Outfit details: 
Romper: Thrifted
Heels: Target

Sep 1, 2015

Liquid Gold Girl

I absolutely love this gold silky cami! I looks like liquid gold! 

Outfit details:
Cami: Thrifted
Pants: H&M
Heels: Thrifted
Necklace: Mark (Avon brand) old!

Aug 31, 2015

Versona Girl

Remember me telling you about Versona? Well this black and brown reversible tote was what I finally decided to take home. I love it! It actually came with a second black cross body bag inside!

Don't forget to enter the $25 gift card giveaway to Versona! They do have several locations across the U.S.!

Search here for stores near you

Aug 27, 2015

Versona Grand Opening + $25 GIVEAWAY!

There's really no better way to spend your birthday than shopping with a gift certificate! Am I right or Am I right? That's what I did today and I loved it.

I was personally invited to stop by Versona's Grand Opening in Asheville and spend some time browsing, drooling and shopping! It just so happened to fall on my 37th birthday. Destiny? Maybe.

The best news is


To enter the $25 gift card giveaway just click this link --->>> a Rafflecopter giveaway and follow the directions on how to get the most entries!

I will keep the giveaway open for 1 week and announce a winner on September 4th.

Here's a sneak peek inside of the store! Ahhh that new store smell!

Here's what I know about Versona  and their merchandise:

*They are going for a boutique look and feel. Very selective and only a limited amount. When the size selection you see that day is gone, the item is gone. They will then order a fresh set of something new and different.

*These clothes are priced to SELL. I LOVE these prices. Everything I saw that I wanted was right around $30 or CHEAPER. More expensive items are there, of course, but it's to be expected of items like long dresses, sweaters, etc that have more fabric.

*The fabrics are GOOD FABRICS. They are sturdy and can handle some wear. How do I know? I've bought a ton of really poorly made stuff only to throw it away the next year because it's trashed.

*Accessories to go with every clothing item. Chic jewelry in cool finishes.

Another thing I love is that they sell shapewear right there in the store. Perfect! I don't have to remember to go somewhere else to get the right look for what I'm wearing it under. You can try it all on at the same time. They also carry all those little fashion emergency things that I always remember I need...when I'm getting ready to go out and have no time!

I'll have an outfit post soon of what I chose! I'm in love with it!

No go and ENTER THE GIVEAWAY!!!!! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Aug 26, 2015

Life Lately {Space Saving Dog Food & Water Station}

Boy oh boy was it was time for a dog food and water bowl area makeover.

It wasn't that the area was terrible to look at or anything, well, it kinda was. I just knew it could somehow be....better. So I enlisted the help of my dad, the master builder, to help me make my vision come to life. I wanted Josie (our pup) to have access to her food and water bowl but I wanted it to be disguised in a really cool way. One that didn't scream dog food! Dog toys! General mess!

Our kitchen and dining room are open but small. Having a cluttered corner was an eyesore. We really needed some storage for the large food bucket, toys, and her bandanna wardrobe of course!

 Here is what Josie's corner of the kitchen looked like before:

I knew there was a better way...and I knew Josie wanted more.

I sketched out a rough and I mean rough draft of what I wanted. I knew I wanted the food and water tray to be hidden away when Josie wasn't using it. I also wanted a lot of storage. This is what my dad came up with!

I haven't found the perfect bowls to fit the space! For now, unfortunately, I'm having to use some plastic tupperware "bowls" for her. I'll keep looking for the perfect set.

It got the seal of approval!

Thanks Dad!

Aug 25, 2015

Bandanna Girl

This is just the second time I have worn this black and white crop top and ballet wrap skirt. The second time around I wanted to add some cute accessories to spice it up a bit. I was looking for a little silk scarf to tie around my neck when I came across this polka dot bandanna buried deep under mountains of scarves. I figured I could make it work!

Outfit details:
Crop Top: Amazon
Wrap Skirt: Vintage
Wedges: Target
Bandanna: Gift from my awesome mom!

Aug 23, 2015

Sneak Peek {Versona Grand Opening + Giveaway}

Exciting news! Versona, a new women's boutique, is opening soon in Asheville, NC and I will be visiting them on their opening night on August 27th. My birthday!

Stay tuned because I will be hosting a gift card giveaway for $25 as well! 

More info to come!
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