Jan 3, 2017

Pop Culture {Podcasts}

I've written about my favorite podcasts before but today's post is strictly about those that stick to one topic - pop culture! Let's face it, I'm all about keeping up with what's going on in the celebrity world and I love it when someone else can break it down for me in an entertaining way. I would like to say I am in training for becoming an unbeatable pop culture trivia contestant but really, I'm just doing it for fun and as a way to decompress. They're great during a workout or grocery shopping. Hey, I always have my earbuds in when I'm grocery shopping because I hate it so much! A good, juicy podcast makes it bearable!

Here are a few juicy, NSFW, pop culture podcasts that will help you not take life too seriously. Probably shouldn't let your kids listen though :)

(I use the Overcast app to organize all of my podcasts but you can find all of these on Itunes!)

Now this one is dedicated to making fun of everything that is Bravo. Ronnie and Ben recap some of the most popular shows on the Bravo network like all of the Real Housewives, Top Chef and Below Deck. These guys give me life! Most of the time, these podcasts are just as good if not better than the actual show! Be ready for some silliness, awesome impressions, lots of laughter and hilariousness.

Perez gets a bad wrap for his reputation for being pretty snarky in the past. He has a website dedicated to everything celebrity, music and hot topics. I really have never followed him much before finding this podcast other than the occasional scandal that warranted a juicy google search. I love this podcast though! He has a cohost, Booker, who doesn't let Perez get away with too much and keeps him in check. The back and forth between the two are what makes the show. They talk about music, celebrities, politics, anything that is in the news that isn't a snooze fest. LOVE IT. This is a good way to get caught up with pop culture all in about 30 minutes. You will have just enough tidbits of hot topics for a good conversation starter!

Heather is a comic and a former writer on Chelsea Lately. Each episode she talks about what's happening on the latest Real Housewives episode (not a full recap like Watch What Crappens), the drama in her own life (she has a series called Serial Sister dedicated to how insane her sister is), and what her comedian friends are doing. There is really nothing Heather won't talk about. O.J., Jon Benet Ramsey, the Kardashians (she's friends with Kris). She usually has some pretty good guests on too. I've listened to the Tamara Judge interview, Kelly Dodd interview and several others that were super juicy. She really goes in for the inside scoop!

Bobby and Lindsey discuss everything that is celebrities-that-no-one-knows. Their tagline is "Everything you need to know about the celebrities you don't." These two keep it short and sweet and answer all of your questions for those no-name people in Hollywood that you know nothing about but hear their names from time to time. They are like pop culture detectives!

Brendan and Dan talk about all of their favorite reality shows including RuPaul's Drag Race. They also gab about news topics, celebrity scandal, Real Housewives, and all the hot gossip. They spill the tea! You can count on these two guys to give you the scoop.

Please share with me if you have a favorite one too so I can add it to my list!

Jan 2, 2017

Life Lately {Get Organized in 2017!}

There was a lot of junk in this junk drawer! So I tackled it with a drawer organizer and got my self straightened out!

Starting 2017 a little more organized.

AHHH....It feels so much better!

Here is the drawer I bought on amazon.com

The before...SERIOUSLY?!?

You can move the dividers around to make it fit just how you like it.

It felt so good, I bought a second one and organized the kitchen gadget drawer too!


What have you organized lately?

Nov 23, 2016

Made by Me Girl

You guys!!! I made this top! I finally checked an item off of my bucket list! 

Learn how to sew.

I took a class at our local community college and six weeks later I walked out with this cute, flowy tunic top. We met every Tuesday and worked off a pattern that the instructor gave us. She had about 4 patterns to chose from and this pattern was the most like me. She chose patterns that were beginner, easy and quick. I did chose a difficult fabric but I thought, if I'm taking the time to make a top then I want it to be the closest to what I would wear for REAL. 

I had thought that when I was finished I would maybe dye it a mint green because I have another top that is similar colors. But in the end, I decided to keep it black and white. Maybe I will dye the other one mint green! I think I just couldn't stand the thought of screwing it up after all that work!

It may not have been the pattern I would've chose if I could make anything I wanted, but, I am very happy that I have a dressy top that covers my booty when I'm wearing leggings.

I think it would look great with a pair of high heeled black boots and a blazer for winter.

Here is the pattern I used: 

You can get it here

I chose the "C" option. I also chose not to use two different fabrics. I figured I had enough on my plate without adding any more complications to it. Maybe next time! I would like to try either "A" or "D" for summer in a very airy crochet or lace.

Outfit details:
Top: Simplicity pattern 8052, Fabric from JoAnn Fabrics
Ponte Knit Leggings: H&M
Shoes: TJ Maxx

Nov 22, 2016

Game Girl

We're a football family! 

I've pulled for the Carolina Panthers every since they became a team and so has my husband. He loves the Oakland Raiders too. He can remember his dad having the Raiders game on and he jumped right in the excitement and started pulling for them too. Good memories :)

I can't say that I love basketball. Sorry! Baseball, no. Soccer; sure. Definitely when my son plays it! I like watching the Olympics and live hockey. Other than that...I guess I'm just a football girl!

Here's what I wore a few weeks ago to go grab some chicken wings while watching the game. Yummm...chicken wings...now I'm hungry.

Outfit Details:
Tee: Target similar
Jeans: Etc consignment shop (Levi's Denizen) similar
Shoes: Journey's

Here's a stroll down football memory lane!

 Back when I got my nails done for Superbowl 50 and the best snapchat filter!

Dab on 'em! 

Getting ready to chow on wings!

The game last weekend. First time for little man!


Cotton candy tongue 😀😀

Panthers game a few years back


I believe this was my first Clemson game a few years back.

Are you a football lover too?

Nov 21, 2016

Something Tasty {Skinny Pumpkin Pie}

Ahhhh...Pumpkin Pie. A little piece of heaven on earth. If left to my own devices I could scarf down a whole pumpkin pie by myself! INSTEAD of doing that, I try to keep my cravings for the real thing to a minimum by substituting with Pumpkin Spice Yogurt. I only JUST found this in the grocery store a few weeks ago. I know there are TONS of pumpkin spice this and pumpkin spice that out there but I haven't really fell for any of it until now. I love greek yogurt and eat it anyway so I figured why not. It was good on it's own but....

I add just a few little ingredients to it to take it to the next level!

I added a crushed graham cracker, sometimes two, and a dollop of whipped cream. I sprinkled a little bit of pumpkin pie spice or nutmeg on top too. 

This version of Skinny Pumpkin Pie is only 175 calories!

Nov 11, 2016

Walmart Savings Catcher

Since we are a single income family I have always been on the lookout for ways to save on our grocery bill. I remember being so anxious in 2013 when I decided to become a stay at home mom to our two kids. I was so worried I wouldn't be able to feed a family of 4 (including a very hungry teenager) on my $400 a month grocery budget! That might seem like a lot to some of you and maybe it is. We don't have a garden so I need to buy all my produce. I incorporate a lot of fresh foods into our meals and we're meat eaters so that does add up. I also want to note that we live in a very expensive part of North Carolina and grocery prices, along with everything else, are on the higher side. I can go to South Carolina and see a little bit lower prices at the stores. Only not at the beach! But that's a whole different story!

Anyway, I was anxious about feeding a family on a budget for no reason because everything always worked out. We never had to go without! I would carefully plan out day two meals from using leftovers from the day before. I would shoot for ZERO waste!

Now I am buying groceries for a family of three since the teenager has graduated high school, went on to start a career in reflexology and living with his sweetheart of a girlfriend. There is a little more wiggle room in my budget. I am still always on the prowl for the best grocery deals. I have been known to go from one store to the next getting the sale items at each place. So tiring! So many miles to travel! 

Then I stumbled upon the Walmart Savings Catcher! I downloaded the Walmart app and started scanning my receipts. I forget how I first heard about it! I can't remember if I saw a commercial or something on the internet. Nonetheless, after I scanned my first receipt I got an email from Walmart with my savings. $6.32! Weeeeee! That may seem like a small amount to you but not to me! That meant on my next trip I could stock up on something like paper towels, detergent, or toilet paper. Non food items that drain the budget quickly. 

I just wanted to share this with you in case you are tired of running from store to store to find the best deals! 

Here's how you do it:

Download the Walmart app, have your receipt handy and go to Savings Catcher on the main screen. if you don't already have an account on Walmart.com now is the time to go ahead and make one. It's how I can see the balance of my rewards gift card super easy.

After you tap on Savings Catcher you will be prompted to scan your receipt

You will get an email that your receipt has been processed. In about a day or so you will get another email that will let you know if you have any savings. You can go back to the app and see where you saved!

Looks like Food Lion had my tea on sale. To drive to the nearest Food Lion I would have to spend an extra 15 minutes to get there. Ain't nobody got time for that!

Sometimes there is a lower priced found, sometimes no. Nice! Look at that June 2 savings! Wooooweee $8.54! I'm rich!

Since I started using this app back in April 2016, I have saved $65.63 all together. I'm very happy with that! Not seen...how much gas and time I've saved not driving to 4 or more stores!

I always choose to transfer my balance to a Walmart gift card. Then I can go to my account and see what my balance is on my card. Hmmm....I gotta go spend me some $5.33! I see some more toilet paper in our family's future...LOL 

You do have to keep the email from Walmart that has the bar code to your gift card in it. Then I hand my phone to the Walmart check out clerk and they scan it. I haven't found another way to do that part so if you do know - share with me! You can also shop online and use your gift card. 

Let me know if you do this too! I haven't tried their most recent addition of "pick up" shopping where you shop online and pick it up in your car at the store. I know some people that have and love it!

Nov 8, 2016

Don't Rush the Season Girl

Just enjoying the view...hope you are too! Happy Fall.

Outfit details:
Top: Ebay (similar)
Pants: Thrifted, Hue (similar)
Boots: Steve Madden (similar)
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