Oct 24, 2014

Color @ Asheville Grit

I'm over at Asheville Grit today Keeping Color Alive! Head on over!

At Home with....Chairish

I am in a desperate rut at home with my decor or basically the lack there of. I am ready for a full on makeover people! I basically need to win a million dollars and I also need an HGTV professional to figure out how to do it all and do it all right the first time. So when Chairish reached out to me to create a dream design I was already feeling the love. I hate what I currently have in my house and I am ready to move more towards modern or at the very least something more interesting! My current home decor is a snooze fest of mismatched furniture that we have picked up along the way or inherited from family. I have a few pieces that I love and I want to create an atmosphere that goes with what I really and truly love.

Chairish is an exclusive, curator approved, online marketplace for vintage and used furniture. They have beautiful items that are just the thing I need right now for good inspiration. This vintage rug I chose really pulls everything together. I love the southwestern feel and the beautiful colors! Chairish has tons of wonderful rugs to choose from so you shouldn't have any trouble finding the one you want.

Here is what I put together from just a few of their many, many items!

Untitled #97

So how happy are you with your current home style? I know I'm not the only one. Let me know you how shop and style your home! Do you save up and remodel a room all at once or do you buy things little by little and slowly transform? I am at a complete loss and I need some advice!

Oct 22, 2014

Hit the Rewind Button Girl

Tank, Skirt, Belt & Shoes: Thrifted, Necklace: my grandmother's

I never got around to posting these photos from mid-September. When I stumbled on them I was immediately transported back to the very moment. Which is why I love this blog so much. On the surface it is a fashion blog but it is a photo diary for me as well. I see this photo and remember the warmth. I remember my son in the car waiting patiently for me to get through. I didn't want him to get out because this particular spot was too close to the road. He was enjoying his book on tape about a little duck named Ping from China. I had just been to the library and picked up a great audio book for myself; Olive Kitteridge. Which is now coming to HBO as a miniseries. Yay! Seeing this photo also reminds me that this is a hot spot for photos in my neck of the woods. I see lots of cars pulled over to snap a pic here. It's just a spectacular view of the valley with the Warren Wilson College farm nestled right in the middle. Beautiful. Just beautiful. I'm glad I took a quick minute one day to grab some photos for myself. I'm just a girl in a skirt with a camera on a tripod next to the highway. Ya know. The usual. 

This was my grandmother's locket. It's inexpensive but it holds a sweet photo of her husband, my grandfather. I miss both of them. I wish they could have met my son.

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Oct 18, 2014

Get Ready for Halloween!

 OoOOoOOooo!! Just had to share this with you guys. Cute, spooky stuff that you'll love!


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Oct 15, 2014

Fall Trends {Joggers}

Boy am I a lover of these sweatpants disguised as style trouser type things called Joggers! I've featured them on here before but know I am seeing them everywhere even down to Old Navy. Which means they are super budget friendly. I am not seeing them in the thrift stores that much but the consignment shops are showcasing them. I did find one pair of mine for $7 at a local shop. 

So...comfy, stylish and affordable all at the same time? I cannot ask for more. I love how you can wear them with flats and they can come off as sporty chic. Heels, of course, are always a good companion for a slouchy pant because it can make the outfit look dressier in a flash. Wow. Wearing my pajamas out of the house. Thank you fashion gods. 

Cargo pants

H&M activewear pants
$48 - hm.com

Jogger pants

Oct 14, 2014

eShakti Girl {Product Review}

I definitely jumped out of my seat with excitement when eShakti contacted me and asked if I would like a custom made clothing item from them. YES PLEASE! I've seen other bloggers enjoy their Eshakti pieces and I am glad I got invited to eat at that lunch table! Ha! Let me tell you; choosing what I wanted was the hardest. They have so many choices! Dresses, skirts, tops...I was so excited! After much deliberation I decided against a dress and went with these pants so I could use them throughout the fall with ease. There were only two options for pants so I kind of felt like I was unearthing a treasure. I was not disappointed with my choice! 

What makes eShakti so special is you give them your measurements when you order so your garment is CUSTOM MADE for your body! I liked the fit of my pants. They are meant to be slouchy so I was ok with the roomy fit. Although I do believe they could be a bit slimmer in the thigh and I would be more comfortable with that. I chose my hip shape as "curvy" which I am but I think that caused it to have too much room in the hips. I love the pattern and the high waist. The length is perfect to wear with heels. If I wear them with flats they are just a tad too long. If you choose to order these and want to wear with flats, I would take your measurement and subtract an inch or two. 

I am in love with the pattern! I chose to pair it with white right now because the weather was gorgeous and still slightly warm and I could get away with this sheer top. I have a navy sweater that is just waiting to be paired with these bad boys for the winter! Isn't the pattern gorgeous?

They are super comfy and the fabric is sturdy. It isn't flimsy and see through. I got lots of compliments on these! The pockets are roomy and usable. You can opt to have no pockets but I love them. The drawstring is long and doesn't slip through the openings. I can't really find a negative about the construction or fabric! If you are looking for a more closer fitting trouser pants then choose slim or average for your hip shape.

Overall I am ecstatic about my eShakti pants! They are such a welcomed breath of fresh air to my wardrobe! I love that I can pair them with darker colors for the winter. Comfy navy sweater....brown boots...chunky scarf! Yes! Oh and since we're talking about the future, next summer they are getting a crop top paired with them for sure. 

Head on over to eShakti and order your custom clothing RIGHT NOW!

**I was supplied a clothing item via eShakti for product review purposes. All opinions are my own!**

Happy Autumn Girl

Fully embracing autumn at this point. In case you can't tell from these photos. My family and I went to a pumpkin patch over the weekend and even though it was raining we still managed to have a wonderful time. It was a much needed break from the daily grind and a way to really appreciate the season before it passes us by! Warning: Fall Photo Overload!

Outfit details: Tunic: Thrifted (Target), Leggings: Thrifted (Hue for $1!!), Boots: Minnetonka, Jacket: Thrifted (no tag)


pumpkin painting cousins!

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