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If you would like to sponsor my blog with an ad I will place your banner in the right sidebar, halfway down the page for 30 days. Costs vary. The banner will be relative in size to fit well in my blog design. After I receive payment, the banner will go up. Click the email icon on my home page to contact me for more info. 

* product review
I am also available to accept items to review or showcase. You can send me the item and I can do an outfit post, review or style board or a combination. You can indicate how you would like it showcased. I cannot accept all offers, only those that are relative to my blog content. Here is an example of an item to wear review.

Please keep in mind that this is a lifestyle blog not just a fashion blog. I am a stay-at-home-mom so I am a mom first, the cook, the maid, the gardener, the painter, etc! Here is an example of a non-fashion related review. I love to do crafts and you will see lots of DIY projects here on my blog. I also have posts on recipes. I'm always looking for ways to make my life easier or more efficient!

I am a member at Influenster.com and occasionally receive items to review. I am not compensated for those reviews but I do keep the items that are sent to me. Here is an example of an Influenster review.
 I am also available host giveaways or product placement if I deem them relative to my blog content. If I feel your product or item is a good fit for me, my lifestyle, or my readers I will include it in a post. Here is an example of a product placement review.

I take product reviews very seriously. My outfit/item photos are high quality and detailed. I will be truthful in reviewing the product. I would never recommend something that I did not like myself or would chose myself if I were the one shopping. You can see all product review posts on my blog by searching for "product review". Here is an example of a product review.

 If you'd like, I can also share the post to my social media accounts including but not limited to: the A Day in the Life of One Girl Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest.


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