Apr 18, 2014

Broken Girl

Well guys and gals I have a broken left wrist. I was in a car accident in Wednesday not far from my home. I had just dropped my son off a school and I was heading back home. A lady pulled right out in front of me and unfortunately I hit her. She said that someone had motioned her to come on out. She did. She said she didn't see me. She is ok, she is 84 years old and one of the tiniest little women I've ever seen. I had to be taken by ambulance to the ER because I had a deep cut on my right knee. My chest was hurting from where the airbags deployed and my wrist was hurting too. When we got to the ER they stitched up my knee - 5 stitches - and took some X-rays. No break in my knee or in my chest but my wrist showed a bone chip. We went to the orthopedist yesterday and he confirmed the break. I go back next week for a cast that I have to wear for 6 weeks. Ugh. 
Oddly enough my chest contusion caused the most pain on day one. It was hard to breathe and I had a lot of swelling. Today my ribs are very sore. I am using a cane to get around until my knee calms down. I can get my stitches out in two weeks. 
Can I just say though I am a little panicked to get a cast? This temporary one I have on makes me feel trapped and claustrophobic. I don't know how my clothes will fit over it. Hopefully warm weather will come and stay so I can wear short sleeves. Needless to say the fashion blog might be a little lame around these parts! A day in the life of a girl trying to find something to wear over her cast. 
Oh well. I am thankful my son wasn't with me. Thankful I am not hurt worse. Thankful no car was coming the other way when to was blinded my airbag dust and couldn't breathe from getting punched in the chest. So many things to be thankful for.
Now we are cleaning up the mess with the insurance company. The other driver accepted full responsibility. My car is pretty totaled. I should get a rental soon. My car was old and was paid for so this is probably not going to work out in our favor. But like I said. I am still thankful.
I hope you hang I there with me. I will be back to fashion soon! Ain't no cast gonna hold me down from enjoying spring and sundresses! 


Anonymous said...

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Lust For Leather said...

Wow! I'm sorry to hear that. Thank God that you weren't hurt worse. Rest up!

Natalie Patalie said...

Oh no! Thank goodness you're ok! Rest up and I hope you feel better soon :)

Maybe this is bad timing, but I actually came over to let you know I nominated you for a Liebster Award! It's totally cool if you don't want to do it, but I thought it was fun and passed it along :) If you're interested, you can find my post about it here: http://natalie-patalie.blogspot.com/2014/04/look-who-got-liebster-award.html

A Day in the Life of One Girl said...

Thank you L.F.L. !

A Day in the Life of One Girl said...

Thank you Natalie! I would love to take part!

Anonymous said...

That sounds very painful and I am glad you are doing well and that your son was not with you during it. May your healing be swift.

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