Dec 2, 2018

American Eagle Try On Session 12.01.18

I finally got around to doing an American Eagle try on! The videos are saved in my highlights on my instagram at jessicauwnc.

It has been at least 15 years since I've set food in an American Eagle store! The mustard colored cardigan was my favorite. The jeggings were great except for the little bit of the gap in the waist in the back. I wish they had a curvy fit option!

All of the sweaters were VERY soft and not itchy.

The sleeves were a little tight on the flannel and the long sleeve tee which was good to know. I probably would've ordered a small online but now I know there shirts run tight in the sleeves.

Can't find this top online!

Nov 18, 2018

H&M Try On Session 11.17.18

I stopped by H&M yesterday and tried on a few sweaters and a few holiday party items! 

I liked this sweater. It is perfect to wear with leggings. My store only had L and XL. So, this is a Large. Which could possibly work, but the sleeves were a little long.

I LOVE sweaters like this. I love a great embellishment! This one I DID find online. I am wearing a medium here and it fits really well. It looks like it would be itchy but it is not at all. I paired it with a basic black stretchy skirt that I found online. I would however size up in the skirt. It's stretchy so it will be body conscious. I did grab these boots from their wall o' shoes.

This top is a really pretty forest green - maybe Emerald green - in person. I grabbed a size 10 and it was way too big. I think a 6 would be better. The straps would very easily fall off of my shoulders. It would make a nice holiday party outfit for sure. Unfortunately I couldn't find it on their website. Maybe it is a new arrival and will show up soon.

This top is soft on the inside! It's perfect to throw on and go. You don't have to wear a strapless bra, it can go with pants or skirts, and it's only $25. If you are in a hurry to find something festive and need something non-fussy, then this is it. Great for a NYE party.

NOW. These PANTS. These were my fave fave fave of the day! They're only $25! They are going on my Christmas list FOR SURE. They fit a curvy girls figure perfectly. You know I struggle with finding a pant that doesn't have the gap in the back. The tie waist solves that problem. They're not too long either. I'm 5'4" for reference. Can you believe it - they are not tight in the thighs. Finally.

The top is a great pop of color. Would work well for holiday parties. I did try it on with the skirt but forgot to take a photo! I couldn't find it online either. This is a size 4 that I'm wearing so I would suggest sizing down one (maybe two?) from your normal size.

This is a perfect little party dress. It's on sale for $28 when I looked it up online. This is a medium. It has a white lining dress underneath the black lace. It was very comfortable. I didn't have to pull and tug or adjust it. Hits a little above the knee. You could easily just throw this on and go. Probably wouldn't even need to wear spanx or deal with a frustrating strapless bra.

Nov 14, 2018

Instagram Outfit 11.08.18

I keep some of my summer dresses around for layering in the fall and winter. It was so warm this day that I didn't even have to wear tights. Yay! 

I found this cardigan at the thrift store and I've already worn it a million times. Here is one at Old navy that is similar and won't break the bank.

This exact dress is from I would recommend sizing down because this is a Large and it's a little big up top. It's only $16!

The boots are Steve Madden from a few years ago but here is a Steve Madden pair that is similar. Or here is a dupe on Amazon for cheaper. When it comes to boots though, I try not to go the cheap route. They get so beat up in the bad weather of the winter that it's worth that extra $20 or $40 bucks.

The belt is thrifted too! The thrift store is THE best place to find leather belts. I haven't bought a brand new belt in I don't know how long! Here is one I found on Amazon that would look really cute!

Nov 3, 2018

What Podcasts to Listen To Part II

I have discovered a few more podcasts since my last post that I think are worthy enough to share with you guys! I use Overcast on my apple devices to download and listen to podcasts but there are so many other ways to listen. Just use your favorite platform. Side note. I don't like GORY. So I won't recommend anything horror but I do listen to true crime. Most of these listed here are true crime stories. Check my other two lists (Part I and pop culture podcasts picks) for mentions of non crime stuff.

So here we go:

Y'all. This is IT. This is my number one podcast recommendation I hand out these days. Side note, I didn't listen to season 1 because I don't like stories with children involved but I heard it got great reviews. BUT SERIOUSLY. Season 2 is where it is at. I honestly don't think I have enjoyed a podcast this much since Serial season 1! I remember the last episode dropped when I was on vacation at the beach and I purposefully took a walk down to the beach alone at like 8pm at night just so I could listen to it immediately. This story is ongoing. So you're gonna be able to continue the journey even after you've finished that last episode. You're welcome. Here is the season synopsis from their website:

Curtis Flowers has been tried six times for the same crime. For 21 years, Flowers has maintained his innocence. He's won appeal after appeal, but every time, the prosecutor just tries the case again. What does the evidence reveal? And how can the justice system ignore the prosecutor's record and keep Flowers on death row?

Guys. This one is so darn good that Bravo is making a limited series that is set to air very soon. A love story gone wrong. Shakespeare would've been proud I think! This is juicy, shocking and down right unbelievable. You must listen to the podcast first. It's that good.

"Debra Newell is a successful interior designer. She meets John Meehan, a handsome man who seems to check all the boxes: attentive, available, just back from a year in Iraq with Doctors Without Borders. But her family doesn’t like John, and they get entangled in an increasingly complex web of love, deception, forgiveness, denial, and ultimately, survival. Reported and hosted by Christopher Goffard from the L.A. Times."

#3) Bear Brook
At the time I'm writing this post they have released up to episode 5. I'm not sure how many episodes it will eventually be but it is good enough so far for me to recommend it if that tells you anything! This one is coming out of New Hampshire public radio and the narrator is doing an excellent job at keeping the story moving along. There is one episode that gets a little science-y but it won't matter after you hear episode 4 and 5.

Just like Stefan describing a new club in NYC on SNL, this podcast has a little bit of everything. Clocks, murder accusations, theft and a treasure hunt. From the same people as Serial and This American Life. You're gonna get A+ production, sound and storytelling.

Not true crime! Ha! This podcast brings you current events mixed with concepts from the past. Excellent intellectual discussions that will leave you feeling super smart and ready to have interesting conversations with your friends.

Honorable Mentions

I will never have back surgery without getting a second, third or fourth opinion.

The Atlanta-Journal Constitution newspaper has done 6 seasons of podcasting at this point I believe. I've not put them on my list before but they do deserve mentioning. They are all true crime. I can tell you which seasons I liked and which ones I just didn't get into. Season 1 is fine, Season 2 involves a toddler but somehow I was able to listen to, Season 3 I hated, Season 4 was hard to get into and so is Season 6. So that leaves Season 5 as probably my best one to recommend. It's just an honorable mention because the narrator isn't the best. But it's ok. I don't let it bother me. It might not be your taste though. I've been listening to Bill Rankin for so long now that it's kind of become old hat to hear his terrible narrating.

I'll be back with more as I uncover new podcasts!

Nov 1, 2018

Eddie Bauer Try On Session 10.31.18

I dropped into Eddie Bauer to do a little try on sesh. I have the video version on my instagram in case you want to check that out too. I give a lot more details and comments in stories. 

 I didn't have a huge amount of time so I tried to grab just a few things that caught my eye and thought might be interesting to you too!

The very first thing I grabbed were these fleece lined pants. They are actually on my wish list!

They are an olive green color with Buffalo plaid check on the inside fleece lining. I'm sorry I didn't get a great pic of the lining! Very warm. These are a boyfriend cut and that isn't my favorite because I always have to wear a belt. I also couldn't find the same exact one online in THIS COLOR but this one comes very close! (to go straight to the website click on the picture below)

Next up, is this gray thermal.

First off was this waffle thermal top with lace detail. I liked that it's a basic thermal but it's a dressed up a little with the lace. I tried on a small but would probably go up to a medium because it was a little clingy.

One of my favorite things. This scarf! 

Very warm, very cozy and not scratchy!

This is a medium. It was warm, fits well and I loved the fur trim. I could've swore I saw a white one in the store but I don't see white online.

I grabbed one of their flannels to try. They had LOTS of patterns and colors to chose from.

This one is a small and it fit nicely. 
I also tried on the boyfriend jeans. I grabbed a size 8 and they fit well, except for the waist. So if you're curvy like me you will need to go with the curvy fit. Unless you just want to always wear a belt. They DO have curvy options but I didn't try any of them on this time. 

I really liked this pretty green jacket. It was sturdy and a nice vibrant green. I am wearing a medium here and if you like it to fit looser then go up one size.

The last thing I tried on was this sweater. It was beautiful and I loved the cable knit detail. But it is a wool blend and I could feel the wool. Gonna be a pass for me. Made me a little itchy around the neck. Too bad!

I hope this was super helpful! Or at least fun!

My favorite?
THE SCARF! So warm. so soft. perfect pop of color for any winter outfit!

Most everything seems to be 30% to 40% off right now in store and online.

Later Skaters, Jess

Oct 29, 2018

Instragram Outfit Inspiration 10.29.18 Details and Links

This cardigan happens to be thrifted from my local Goodwill. So you could take your chances there or another thrift store and look for chunky cardigans. OR I found this one at Gap for $98.00 or this one from Target for $29.99.

The distressed skinny jeans are thrifted too. But I highly recommend the Universal Thread brand at Target.for $27.99! They are so comfy. This pair isn't quite as distressed as the ones in my photo but I think that's a better. Mine are almost too distressed.

The boots are Chelsea Crew but from a few years back. They don't have them on their website anymore. I found these on Amazon for $64.99. Or these cute ones from JC Penny on sale for $28. You could change the laces to olive green or a pretty burgundy...

The bag was a score I got on Ebay a few years back. I have no idea how I stumbled upon it. But I really fought it out with another bidder for this thing! There are quite a few on Etsy and the prices are a little on the higher side since they are made by hand. There are some on Ebay for a little bit lower. Just search for saddleback blanket purse or bag. 

Oct 27, 2018

Instagram Outfit 10.27.18 Details and Links

This sweatshirt is Gap but I found it at the Goodwill! Here is one that is very similar on Amazon for $21.99. This one is even on MY amazon Christmas wish list. It is a little longer than the one I have on but I think that is even better.

The leggings are from Target. They have a faux leather panels on the front. These are not the exact pair but they are very similar for $34.00 Here is a similar pair on Amazon for $16.99. 

The hat is a black wool baseball cap from Amazon. Here is the exact hat. for $22.99