Apr 28, 2014

His 7th Birthday

We had my son's big birthday party a few weeks ago because of Easter and the weather. Now, since the accident, I am so thankful that we did. His actual birthday was last Thursday. Just a week after my car wreck. There would've been no way I could have pulled off a big party with my knee and being down an arm. I had already planned to have a small family party Thursday night with grandpa and Lala (my mom) stopping by. I had a feeble attempt at a Mario Brothers cake! Ha! It looked like a kindergartner decorated it! I never said I could make a cake with one arm tied behind my back. I definitely did better on his last birthday cake. I told my son "it's not perfect" and he said "Yes it is mom! It's wonderful! It's the best ever!".
So there. That's all I wanted. No Pinterest cake here, but little guy loved it.

He wanted Mario as his first piece! My dad made a cake too so this birthday boy had two cakes. He felt pretty special.


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