Aug 12, 2010

This Man Named Brian

I should tell you a little bit about why I love this man Brian. He means so much to me and I want to share my happiness with the world. He unselfishly and kindly takes my outfit photos and listens to my little bits of "this and thats" without a sour face. I new when I met him that there was something special about him. We were friends for a long time and then we blossomed into lovers. He is the sweetest most gentlest man I have ever known. There are so so many things I love about him...I love how he is exceptionally talented at camping and building the perfect campground. He has all of the bells and whistles that make it seem like a pioneered homestead in the middle of the forest. I love that he rides a motorcycle and looks so good doing it! He has big thick shoulders and is amazingly tall. He has a beautiful smile and sea green eyes. I feel in awe when he goes on his solo rides for days. I love how he enjoys live theatre. I love how he is willing to try any new food from any country at any time. I love how we can agree on any restaurant at any time. He is ready to go at a drop of a hat if I say "so and so just called - can we go?". He has taught me a lot about love and a lot about patience. He has seen me switch moods, whine, become intensely frustrated and has remained steady and strong. He reaches to kiss me and dips me low and deep. I love how he automatically knows that we take my car on a night when I don't want my hair to blow in the jeep. I love his jeep. I love how he likes to take me on long rides to nowhere on a Sunday afternoon. I love that he went to a fashion show with me. I love that he cares so much for his son and has been a successful single father. I love how he likes to watch documentaries after documentaries with me. I love how he is spontaneous and surprises me as to where we are going whether it be a few miles down the road or the next town over. He once pulled over in the jeep while we were driving on a long hot ride just so I could have some shade for a bit. He knows of the neatest spots and most romantic little places. I love this man and I cherish him like a hidden treasure that I have uncovered and keep close to me at all times. Thank you Brian, for being a extraordinary man.


hannah, heart city said...

this is the sweetest post! you're one lucky gal. love is pretty rad, huh?

WARS said...

Supa sweet! He is a good man. Our boys are good to us and we are very lucky. Plus the big broad shoulders make everything better-sleeping on them, looking at them, watching them lift things with them, shoulder rides for the toddlers:)

Kellee said...

Aww. This is very sweet. :)

skippy haha said...

yay love! what a lucky guy -you deserve every bit of love that comes your way.

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