Aug 11, 2010

Wednesday Diptych #31: Bijou!

Here we are again...another Wednesday! Another diptych! Man, I feel like the weeks are a blur sometimes. This week's diptych project is "bijou" which means a small, delicately worked piece. The first picture is of a crochet lace design by my great grandmother. I never had the chance to meet her. She passed away before i was born. I've only seen pictures of her. I absolutely love this lace piece. Because it is beautiful and it is my roots. I inherited it when my grandmother, her daughter, passed away. I love using this at Christmas time in the middle of a large looks like a delicate snowflake. I, personally, have no idea how to crochet. And yes! I have tried it and got extremely frustrated while my friend picked it up immediately sat there and crocheted like 5 million scarves in no time. Not cool. Anyway, I believe the time it took my great grandmother to do this and the talent she had very much qualifies this as "bijou" in my book. I desperately wish I had tons more of her things that were left behind and forgotten. The second photo includes another lace piece of hers with a little bit of me and my pretty little pink flower ring. I adore that little ring.

Check out the blog where Kellee gets detailed on the diptych project!
Next week's diptych will be: "Gizmo: a mechanical device or part whose name is forgotten or unknown"

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Kellee said...

I really like your take on lace as bijou! Very creative! :)

Also, I'm a knitter/crocheter and can really appreciate the artwork there. How very lucky you are to have something so lucky from your family heritage.

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