Aug 22, 2010

I kind of sleep like a stick

When I first tried on this maxi dress I thought it might look a little to nightgown-ie so I accessorized it up a little. Probably over-accessorized but I think its something about that boho look that makes you (or maybe just me!) want to throw every piece of jewelry I have on. I do think this dress would look great casual as well with some gladiator sandals and a head scarf. But it does have a nightgown feel. Speaking of sleeping, I do sleep kind of like a stick. Meaning, I sleep on my side or more recently on my back pretty much in a straight line. And I get pretty close to the edge of the bed. I used to never sleep on my back until after I had my son and my ginormous belly had gone away, therefore relieving my lungs from 10 pounds of pressure (or so it seemed) and allowed me to explore other ways to sleep rather than something resembling a beached whale in a sea of pillows. My son crawls in the bed with me sometimes and I believe I have trained myself to sleep in one spot taking up the least amount of space. Which leaves me waking up with stiff necks, limbs that are asleep, and all sorts of cramps and aches. Oh well.'s the maxi dress with my new clogs that I plan to carry on through the fall with tights, tall socks or crop pants. Brian snapped a couple of pictures outside one of our favorite local pubs. Have a great Sunday!

Photos by Brian - love you!

Dress, cami & earrings: NY&Co
Denim shirt, bracelets & bag: Thrifted, Goodwill & resale shops
Belt: Charlotte Russe
Clogs: Go Jane
Heart necklace: Kohls (had a coupon and got this necklace and a shirt for $2.49!)
Love necklace: Local shop, handmade
Shades: RayBan


Stacey Kay said...

So cute! Loving how you layered the maxi dress. I need to do this with mine!

Stacey Kay
"Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration"

gee said...

i am loving your clogs. they look perfect paired with the maxi dress. you look beautiful! xoox

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