Aug 9, 2010

Getting Nautical

I was going to title this "Getting Naughty-cal" just for giggles but it really never came to fruition. And then it sounded stupid. And then it didn't seem that funny at all in the written form. I'm a little (ok - a lot) on the goofy side and sometimes things just seem funnier to me than what they really are to other humans. OH well! Anyway, had fun at the beach. I thought I would share some pics of our trip out to the pier. My son really enjoyed it and so did I. Everyone did! sweet little boy
Photos by Brian - love you!

Tshirt & Earrings: NY&CO
Skirt: local Family Dollar
Sandals: Target
Belt: Goodwill
Necklace: Goodwill


WARS said...

You should have put "THE" Family Dollar:)

Stephanie said...

Loving that skirt...the pockets rock! Thanks for grabbing my button. I have you on my "to follow" list. I usually update it about once a week. I'm lazy. haha I'm going to add you right now!

Marisa Noelle said...

I love your skirt! The whole outfit is so pretty and classic. Your son is adorable:-) Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.

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