Aug 23, 2010

Fishies and Grandmothers

Look at these little fish! I think they're precious. I found these pants at the Hospice thrift store here in town. Hospice is a charity organization that offers care to elderly, young - really anyone - who is terminally ill or nearing their final days on this earth. I feel good about purchases that I make there because I remember when my grandmother was very sick and getting close to the end of her life and Hospice was amazing to her. They really helped keep her comfortable and pain free. My mom was impressed by the care and attention they gave her. Unfortunately, I no longer have the chance to talk to my grandmother since she did pass away. But I have a few things of hers and it makes me proud to have them. Some of her beautiful dishes and some of her mother's crochet work that I shared with you guys recently.
I hope all of you had a good Monday. I actually had a great day! Considering Mondays are on my "hated-it!" list. Brian and I found a great house to put on our list of possibilities. We are waiting to get an appointment to go take a gander inside. It has a lot of charm and I think it is quite precious. I'm hoping the inside is what I think it is. Hopefully we won't find any secret disasters. It is in a great neighborhood (not far from where I am now) where we can walk to lots of shops, pubs and restaurants. I love the idea of walking wherever we want to go relax. I've never had that luxury!
Anyway, I hope you enjoy these little fishies as much as I do.

Photos by Brian - love you!

Shirt & pants: thrifted - Goodwill & Hospice
Oxfords: Etsy
Necklace: local shop, handmade


danielle said...

LOOOOOOOOOOVE those pants---so cute! And I LOVE your oxfords as well! I need those in a size 7.

Idée Géniale said...

I definitely have a thing for printed pants. It's too bad that they're so hard to find!! these are super cute. great score.

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