Mar 4, 2014

Back in Braids Girl

Cardigan: Kohls, Tunic: Modcloth, Jeans: Thrifted, Boots: Eddie Bauer

I am still obsessed with braids. I want to take about 4 inches off of my hair but I would miss the braiding I think. I have learned via you tube how to cut my own hair and I came very very close last week to chopping it off. Then I wore these braids and now I'm kind of thinking of just trimming it. Whatever I decide it needs something. I am finding more and more grays every day too. Ugh. I'm not devasated. Just annoyed. I do a non permanent dye every now and then. Mainly because I didn't like the way I got my hair highlighted the last time I got it done. But it helps with the grays too. It just washes out after about a month. I'm thinking if I went back to highlights then the gray can blend in with the blonde. Oh decisions decision! Ha!


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