Mar 11, 2014

Product Review {Kiss Nails}

Way back when I got the Influenster Vox Box I got a chance to try the Gradation Polishes Kit from Kiss. I loved it. It was such an easy no fuss way to get an ombre manicure. Since then, they have selected me to review another product; the Impress Press-On Manicure. A girly girl like me will never turn down the chance to play dress up with my nails!

The design is a bit wild but fun. Probably wouldn't have been the design that I would've chosen but it is good to go outside my comfort zone every now and then. They are the short length and I like that. It looks like a hibiscus flower but could also be like those marbling nail techniques too. And I don't have the time (the patience really) to do that kind of nail art.

Here we go:

To open the package, take the lid off like you would a fingernail polish lid and then the case lid lifts up. It comes with a prep pad (mostly like an alcohol wipe) and a tiny file (didn't use this - I used my own file)

The directions are on the back of the package.

The directions are very easy to follow. Step 1 is to find the nail that works the best for each one of your natural nails. When in doubt, go smaller. You don't want the nail covering your cuticle. It looks weird and it won't stick very well. Go ahead and line them up in the order they fit your nails.

They do give you a good variety of sizes. There is just a slight difference between these two nails below but even a slight size change is helpful.

Here they are on a white background to show details

Now you will need to wash your hands with soap and water and dry thoroughly. Then use the prep pad to wipe down your nails. I did not use any lotion or cuticle oil prior to putting these on. It would cause the nail not to stick as good as it should.

So fresh so clean!

Now you are ready to apply. There is a clear tab at the bottom of every nail. The clear tab goes down near your cuticle, not near the tip of your nail.

Peel off and press onto the nail. Start pressing in the middle and then go to the sides. I had no problem with this step. Very easy. You can even move them around slightly once you get them on if you need to make slight adjustments. But I don't think I would pull one off and try to put it back on though.

The instructions say to leave the thumbs until last. Oops. It wasn't a problem for me though.

They were a little long for my comfort level so I filed them down just a smidge. It was very easy to file them down. They seem to be kind of a soft type of plastic so it wasn't process to file them down.

 Left hand done! Those cuticles are screaming for some lotion! At least the nail design is cute!

Here is a shot of both hands

There you have it! Impress-on is a super fast and easy way to have a really unique nail design with no drying time! I can't tell you how long they stayed on naturally because I took them off before they were showing signs of trying to come off. I would say if you were someone who did not do a lot of hard work with your hands or in and out of water too much, you might be able to get these puppies to last for a week. I'll probably stay more of a regular polish kind of gal for the most part but I would definitely use these again for a night out or a special occasion. It was awesome not having to wait for them to dry. Even when I am trying to be careful not to smudge, it still happens. That was nice!

I'll be back again with some more Kiss Nail art soon! 


Natalie Patalie said...

These look great on you! I also received the gradation polishes and Impress nails from Influenster :) The gradation polishes I loved, the Impress nails I just felt weird in hahah.


A Day in the Life of One Girl said...

Cool! Yes - I can't tell you how long they would've stayed on because after about a day or so I was ready to go back to my nails :) but they would be good for going out!

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