Mar 20, 2014

Olive Girl

Tank Tunic: Elle, Thrifted (similar), Skirt: Express, Thrifted (similar) lots on ebay too, Leggings: Family Dollar (similar), Boots: Keen Bern Baby Bern in Forest Night

This would've been a good green outfit for St. Patrick's Day. I didn't engage in any festivities on Monday. It's mostly about drinking green beer and I can't do that anymore! I'm trying to watch my carb intake so no Shepard's pie for me either. Especially after the terrible food I gorged on this weekend. Sigh. I started this week off feeling very, I don't know the word for it, so I guess just blue. I think I am just lacking some energy. I stayed up way too late on Friday night and Saturday night causing me to sleep in the next morning. Which just gets me all out of whack when I have to wake up at 5:45 on Monday. Yuck. Of course I ate way too recklessly - a.k.a. bad food! That never helps my energy level. Friday night we had Mexican food. Saturday morning was a Nutella and strawberry crepe (my first crepe ever). Saturday afternoon was fish and chips....followed by pizza! WHAT?! I wish I would've stopped on Sunday but I didn't. I had a greasy spoon cheeseburger and then tacos for dinner. See? I told you. A sheer disaster. I think this is contributing to my feeling a bit blah. A bit disappointed in myself. Not that it didn't all taste fantastic going down! But, I should've stopped somewhere around Saturday afternoon. I am a firm believer in a cheat meal or a reward day. But with my addictive personality, it soon turns into a bender weekend. I might need to pick up a chip at Celebrate Recovery for food bender weekends and really get committed on stopping the cycle.

I know if I would exercise I would feel much better. I know this....if I would just "do" this...


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