Feb 20, 2012

Make Style Work

While planning the family beach trip and an escape wedding to New Orleans, I've been thinking about an easy way to carry my things with me while we sight see. I remember the mini backpacks from the mid-90s. I had one. Loved it. Then hated it. Like with a passion, hated it. Cringed at the sight of it. But now in 2012, they are growing on me. I see that they are starting to come back...slowly.. Ok. I don't want to carry one every day but I would like it as an option when I'm on the go all day long or doing some mommy things with the kiddo. I do miss the days of being hands free! Here are a few options in case you want to try too: 
Southwestern Back Packs

Bright Solids Back Packs

Flirty Florals Backpacks

Hot Glam Backpacks


Sarah said...

I used to hate these too. They are growing on me as well. Especially in such great colors and styles!


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