Feb 21, 2012

Promises Girl

Remember when I said I wanted to add some of the color Cobalt to my life? Well, I knew I had these cobalt heels but I had never really stepped outside of my little box and wore them with anything other than black. Black pants, black tights, etc.
With this outfit, I started with the shoes and the tights and built it up from there. I went with a neutral skirt and then while I was scratching my head in the closet I noticed this scarf. Perfect! I tried several options but settled on the green sweater. I felt really great in this outfit and got lots of "blue shoes" remarks from my fellow office drones. (And I got to wear my super tacky bracelet that I love best.)


Gracey the Giant said...

Oh, this is great. I love the colors and how you tied the scarf.

And the cobalt shoes? LOVE. I'm a blue shoe fan myself and these are great!

skippy haha said...

looooove the cobalt shoes with tights. and the whole general rainbow-ness of the outfit. very upbeat and fun!

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