Feb 1, 2012

Is honesty the best policy?

When it comes to facebook, is honesty the best policy?

If you're too honest then are you a drama queen? If you're too happy are you fake? Too negative? Too positive?

In the last couple of weeks I've heard differing opinions. One person sees too much negativity and wants to delete her account. Fair enough. Another person thinks everyone's life is too picture perfect and is fake. Which is it?

I like being honest. But I have held back before from posting a negative status. Does anyone want to hear that? Does it matter? Then there are times I have posted a negative status and have gotten lots of support from friends and family in return.

Is facebook just a place to make others think your life is perfect or do you run the risk of being honest and get labeled a Negative Nelly? Furthermore, does it even matter?

I have come close to deleting my facebook account several times. One time I remember was after I got "deleted". Twice! Sheesh. This wasn't even a phrase 5 years ago! Getting deleted. That will make you feel like a loser. I thought to myself, "Why am I doing this? Why am I reliving high school all over again like when I got picked on for wearing thrifted clothes?" Came very close to canceling the whole bit. Nothing like getting reminded that that person you had a riff with in high school became your friend on facebook only to delete you months later after you thought you have re-established a friendship. Wrong. Something as silly - and I mean silly - as that can make you feel like there is something wrong with you.

So, do you let it all out and run the risk of everyone seeing how crazy, quirky, sad, happy you are or do you just keep it on an even keel so everyone thinks you're normal?


Gracey the Giant said...

Very interesting post. I don't "do" Facebook, but I often think about this in terms of blogging. I try not to be too negative on my style blog because even though I do believe in being honest and think to be otherwise is disingenuous, I'm sure others don't want to hear about it. On my "dating" blog which is more personal, and has fewer followers so I'm less worried about upsetting folks, I'm very candid about my feelings.

I guess what I'm saying is that I can understand both points of view. And in the end, I just choose to keep my negative thoughts to myself because it's less hassle in terms of dealing with others.

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