Feb 13, 2012

Palazzo Girl

Blouse & Palazzo Pants: Thrifted, Flower pin: ?, Heels: F21, Headband: F21
It's a shame because these pants are basically like wearing pajamas to work. Why is it a shame? Well, because I don't have more pairs in more colors. There is no rule that says you can't wear pastels in the winter time so don't be afraid to pull out the pinks and pales. Why not - pale pink matches my pale non-existant tan. If I squeeze my cheeks hard enough, I get a little pink. There you have it.

This is about the 2nd time I've worn these shoes and about the 400th time I've thought about tossing them out. They are murdering my big toes. What is up shoe maker person? Can you not allow for enough room for a big toe please? It sounds funny to say "big toe".

See the little hearts on the shirt? Oh yeah...getting into the Valentine's spirit.


Lorena said...

I adore your blouse ! those tiny hearts are adorable :)

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