Aug 10, 2011

Jumpsuit Girl

  Jumpsuit: Forever 21, Heels: Target, Sunnies: RayBan, Hairflower: DIY

Jumpsuits!! Pros: lightweight, full coverage, fun prints. Cons: going to the bathroom takes forever.
I had lots of fun wearing this! It was a blast. You either love these things or you hate them. But the response I got was really positive. I think most people are intrigued. And for as cheap as this was it doesn't really matter if you never wear it again. Actually, it will probably fall apart before I wear it as much as I would like. I also love how the legs have elastic bands so you can pull the legs as high or as low as you want to go! Limbo!

Photos by Brian - thanks sweets!


Frannie Pantz said...

Love it! I have had a slight obsession with jumpsuits and rompers this season. They are so comfy. Except, as you said, going to the bathroom. But, give and take I guess.

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