Aug 14, 2011

Sourwood Festival 2011

Ignoring the 70% chance on rain in the forecast, Brian and I braved the elements and traveled down to the Sourwood Festival in Black Mountain. We didn't catch a drop of rain! Ha! Take that weather man. We actually made it to the grocery store and all the way home before the sprinkles started. 

When we first got to the festival I was soooo thirsty. So when I saw a sign for Blueberry Lemonade I stopped in my tracks. YUM! So delicious. Right behind the darling lemonade stand was a old white farmhouse right in the middle of downtown that is a quaint little cafe.

They were serving brunch so we decided to go ahead and grab a bite. I ordered silver dollar pankcakes and Brian had french toast. Best breakfast in the history of the world!!!

With our bellies full and caffeine in my system, we headed out to explore the festival. This festival is my new favorite! We have lots of different festivals here. Some good....some weird...some just so-so and some that we avoid like the plague. But Sourwood seemed really special. I can't quite put my finger on it. Maybe it was because it was 5 minutes from the house. Maybe the Blueberry Lemonade put me in a trance or maybe it was all of the shade...maybe it's because I love Sourwood Honey!!!

 After I saw this sign I knew I had to have some beeswax. Check out the stuff you can do with it! I couldn't quite lay the cash down for the candles and I knew I would never get up enough nerve to actually burn them. But they smelled soooo delicious. So I got a tealight because I knew I would burn that baby.

Distracted by jewelry, of course

And lots of handmade lovlies

Brian needed just a quick rest...

 Festival food! Seems like the bigger the better is the basic theory.

We slowly wrapped up our visit and strolled back to town. We had to stop for one more thing before home......Chocolate Turtle Cake at the local coffee shop. Ahhh, a nice way to wrap up a Sunday afternoon. 

Thanks Brian for sharing this day with me :)


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