Oct 1, 2010

On Trend: Men's Wear

I love the idea of men's wear for a fall trend this year! It is loads of fun and unfortunately, I am still searching for the perfect men's inspired wingtip dress shoes. I can't seem to find ones that hug my foot enough. I end up having this horrid gap around my ankles on each shoe. Anyone know of a great pair? I've tried on millions (it feels like it) and have had about 4 failed attempts at ordering them online.
Well, I didn't even think twice when I saw this tie at the thrift store. I have no idea if it is a men's tie or if it is an old 1990's women's wear item. I might be channeling Andrea Zuckerman via 90210 here, but it felt great. I love when outfits make me smile! And I got a few compliments. My boss was digging it and told me it was quite stylish. Who knew? I was surprised. I thought I would hear some more backhanded comments or funny looks. I think my coworkers just kind of expect something different from me and they don't really seem to be that shocked anymore at what I wear! I liked it and that's what matters most, right? I say, take a chance with men's wear inspired outfits this fall and experiment with lots of different looks! Androgyny is the word for the day!
Photos by me

Top: Thrifted, UO: Goodwill
Pants: NY & Company
Shoes: Ebay
Tie: Thrifted, Target: Hospice


Sarah said...

This is so cute. I love this scarf. What a great addition to this look.


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