Oct 21, 2010


Slowly scratching my way back to the surface after a second cold attacked me while we were on our festival weekend vacation. :( I didn't let it spoil my weekend, but it got worse on Monday when I got back to work. YUCK. I went to the doc because this is the 2nd cold for October and about the 10th cold for 2010. Not sure whats up...we talked about how my son just started preschool and how he could be bringing lots of new germs home. We talked about the possibility that maybe there was some sort of an attacking medieval germ living in my apartment that is preying upon my immune system. I told her that I was moving in 2 weeks so we are going to see if that might be the source. I have changed jobs within the past year so it might be getting used to new office germs too. WHO KNOWS! She said that if the new living quarters didn't help then we need to do some allergy testing. Yay! She also gave me a NetiPot which is AWESOME. I've heard about them but never got around to actually trying them. Now I am a firm believer after one try. Its definitely kind of weird and I got timid at first and actually pulled it out of my nose (ewwww!) and thought "Really?" is this it? But I forced myself to try it and it did make my sinuses a lot clearer.
Anyway! I will be back to outfits soon. As you can imagine, I have been wearing nothing but soft, warm and furry clothes while I am wallowing in the depths of sickness. I don't have an energy and I can't think in complete thoughts. Although, today I do feel better - I can see a ray of hope!
Thank you everyone for all your sweet comments - you guys are awesome! Back in action soon!


danielle said...

agh---hope you feel better soon!

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