Oct 23, 2010


Finally...back in the world of the living. Last week's cold was topped off with what was suppose to be a hour and a half trip down to Charlotte, NC for some training with work turned into a 5 hour ride back home. Horrid. My sweet sweet coworker drove us down and we sat through what seemed to be an utterly useless class of boring information that we actually had already heard in some of our earlier online training. So when our overly zealous teacher let us out at 4:00 we were all too eager to get on the road. Not more than 20 minutes on the highway we came upon some yucky traffic. While we were sitting, we got rear ended by an SUV. No one was hurt but it did put a dent on her brand new Chevy Camaro that she just bought 4 days before. Needless to say she was pretty frazzled. We waited forever for the highway patrol to show up as the traffic became worse and worse. Onstar sent us in circles trying to get us around the traffic. After much debate and several u-turns we found another route that her husband came up with over the phone while we were driving to what seemed to be no man's land. We made it home by 10pm. Being on the road for that long makes Jessica a cranky girl. I mean - I could've made it down to the beach in the 5 hours it took me to get home from the city that I hate to go to the most. Eck.
These little photos are some that I took about a week ago...back when I was feeling healthy and strong! I have a lingering stuffy nose but I am almost 100%...

Photos by me

Skirt: thrifted & hemmed
Cardi: Urban Outfitters
Tank: Avon
Tights: Target
Sandals: Kmart


Marisa Noelle said...

Eek...sounds like a traffic nightmare. These photos are lovely. I love the pink tights w/ that outfit. Gorgeous!

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