Sep 3, 2010

All Work and No Play

The Labor Day weekend unofficially wraps up the end of summer but officially wraps up the end of my summer schedule of having half day Fridays off. I'm a little bummed about that because it was my day to do some thrift shopping, errands, cleaning house (more thrifting than cleaning house) and general relaxation before the weekend craziness. But, alas, those days are over. My pocketbook probably thanks me! So here I am on a full day Friday trying not to crave that 1:00 glory time when I used to run out of the office as fast as I could without looking back. I've got a few things lined up this weekend for my little man and me. I think I will take Riley to the lake tomorrow and to a festival downtown on Sunday. It's called LAAFF or Lexington Avenue Arts and Fun Festival. It is so much fun because lots of people wear costumes and generally be free and silly. There is a ton of music, contests and a general good time for all to be had. I'm excited about that. And the lake will be a good closing to the summer. They filmed parts of the movie Dirty Dancing at Lake Lure so I think its a pretty sweet place.
Back to reality - this is a work outfit that I kicked around for a day. Green is my favorite color and I picked this silky top up at a resale shop for a $1 making it fantastic on top of it being green!


Photos by me

Top & scarf: resale shop
belt: thrifted - Hospice
Watch: thrifted - Goodwill
Pants: Gap (on sale)
Shoes: Target


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