Sep 19, 2010


I can upload pictures again! Praise be. Turns out I was out of storage space for photos. Who knew? Blah blah, blah Google and blogger. Sometimes I think the higher powers make it more difficult on purpose. Wanna a little cheese with that whine? Well, after all that frustration and visits to my bf Brian's house for help, I finally have resolution.
I wore this outfit to work one day and now that I look at it I think of the county fair that's going on right now. Maybe it reminds me of the tablecloths at the apple pie competition or just an apple orchard in general. I thrifted it from the Goodwill - actually passed it up one time and came back to it. It looks terrible hanging on the rack because it is really just a sack. But I love the print and of course...the polka dots in the background. The color is sweet and I paired it with my camel clogs to bring a bit of caramel apple into the mix.
Hopefully all of you guys are having more computer luck than I am this weekend and I am definitely happy to be back in the blogosphere!

Photos by me

Dress: Liz Claiborne, thrifted, Goodwill
Cardi: UO
Clogs: Go Jane
Belt: F21
Earrings: Local, handmade
hairbow: thrifted, Hospice


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