Sep 21, 2010

Every Last Drop

Since it is still hitting the mid 80's every day I am squeezing in every last bit of summer wear....and creme colored shoes! That old rule of "no white shoes after Labor Day" is long gone. As a matter of fact, I don't know if any rules apply anymore. Except for the ones that call for common sense, of course. What would that be? Well....hmm...uh....don't wear wool in the summer? Other than that, I think anything goes. I love seeing individual styles and how two people can take the same outfit and wear it two totally different ways. I like getting inspiration from fashionistas that make the most of their wardrobe like wearing a skirt over a dress, sweater over a dress or an open dress as a vest. Thrilling!
I snapped a few outfit pics on my lunch break of a navy vintage flower motif skirt and a sharp red blouse. I had fun with these wedge shoes too. Anything that gives me a little bit of height is a plus since I am scrambling along at a mere 5 feet 3/4 inches.
Yes I will keep that 3/4 thank you.
I've had this pin for so long. Who doesn't want their name on a rainbow?!
photos by me

Shirt & Clutch: Thrifted, Goodwill
Skirt: Vintage, Twice Round
Shoes: Charles Albert
Pin: from my childhood
Necklace: local, handmade


Sarah said...

I love this skirt! Great detail on it. Just beautiful. Those shoes are great too. So is that shirt. I think that I just love the whole thing!

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