Sep 20, 2010

Part of the Art

A couple of weeks ago I asked a good friend of mine if he would do a photo shoot with me that incorporated some local art - especially the graffiti that is an expert at shooting. zen has a great eye for photos and always finds the most interesting way to look at everyday things. He was the one that initially got me interested in photography and has offered me lots of advice over the years. He usually wins the Best Photography Blog that is announced every year at the BlogAsheville parties. And should! His art has been featured at one of the premier hotels here in Asheville as well. He is involved in so many things and his art is featured on Asheville websites, other peoples blogs, newspapers, could quite possibly be a full time job for him. On this particular day I asked him if he could make me part of the art. I think his photos came out excellent and I was very excited to be able to break out of my hum drum work clothes and don a menagerie of colors and textures all in one outfit. zen has a HUGE amount of beautiful and thought provoking photos on flickr. He has a photography blog at zenography and a written blog at zenscription. I encourage you to get lost in his photostream!

and a few when we had to take cover from the rain...
Photos by: zen Sutherland


skippy haha said...

yeehaw! i LOVE zen's photos - he did a great job here too finding super spots among the graffiti - you look amazing. i love the tights you're wearing & the green belt is perfect.

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