Sep 29, 2010

Truth or Dare - actually just truth here, sorry

Careers I would rather have than this one:

1. Vintage & Thrift Store Owner: I don't want to go to NY and be a superstar stylist and I don't really want to be a fashion designer because I don't like that kind of pressure. Either one of those jobs would be way too intense (I think for me personally) but don't get me wrong - it would definitely be fun to be in the heart of fashion! But owning my own brick and mortar store of all things vintage, thrifted and beautiful would be so sweet. I would wear the clothes from the shop, change the window dressings for different themes and do local fashion shows and style for photos shoots. Dream
1. Stay-at-Home-Mom/Domestic Goddess: This is a tie with #1. Because I think you can do both in some capacity. My son goes to preschool a few days a week and he will soon be in kindergarten. If I was to be able to be a stay at home mom, I would definitely have a part time job or some sort of job at some level for a mental break and the chance to talk to an adult. It gets pretty weird only having a 3 1/2 year old to talk to after a couple days. You end up getting a little batty....
2. Librarian. Or just like the girl that helps in the library. I LOVE the smell of the old books. And the library was where my mom took my brother and me growing up. We didn't have lots of cash so we did things that were fun but on the cheap. Which I like to attribute my bargain shopping and remixing abilities to my mom who showed me how to thrift shop :)
3. Graphic Designer for a local, low key newspaper/magazine: Not the main newspaper here in town. They stink. Terrible reporting and never anything really useful. But I would love to do newspaper/magazine layouts. I love making fliers, brochures & event stuff. I made a "passport" one year for the company Christmas party that showed which country you were going to travel to (one room to the next) and what tastes and sights would be waiting there for you. (I know, cheesy, but fun. I went wild with the travel theme ya'll)
4. Photographer: I love taking pictures of everything. Human, non human, gross, tasty, nature, urban - whatever. People say if you use your hobby as your job it ends up being disappointing and losing it's appeal that it once had. I agree. That's why I would take pictures and thrift shop at the same time while eating a blueberry struesel muffin (my fave).
5. Fashion Retail something or other: Just a job around fashion or shoes. I think that would really get my creative juices cranking. Much more than punching numbers on a calculator. Ewwwwww! Don't you feel sorry for me?!!
6. Writer: Only problem with this one - and it's pretty small - is that I'm not good at it. That might get in the way of this one.

What do you want to be when you grow up?


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