Jun 16, 2014

Green with Envy Girl

Blouse: Vintage, Trousers: NY&Co, Heels: Target (old), Scarf: Vintage

I'm back down at Faye's! I got an itch do go a little retro the day I needed to go to my son's awards ceremony. I had this outfit set aside for a little while because I finally took the pants in to get them taken up in the waist. They never have fit well in the waist but I just never got around to taking them in. Finally I did and I am so happy that they are done. I love love love the color green and these pants are perfect for summer. Especially with my knee still being a problem. It still swells and hurts from the car accident a few months back. I have to wear a brace and pants hide the brace well. Also, I am not wearing my arm splint/cast here but not because I am free of it all together but I just go without it from time to time. 

I loved this outfit and it renewed my love for vintage and pinup hairstyles!

Anyway! Let me show you this cute little pin curl I learned how to do with my bangs. It totally helps that "growing out the bangs" period. I found a video on you tube and just knew I had to try it. I made a video too so I could show you how to do it. It's so crazy easy!!!

Pin curl close up!


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