Jun 2, 2014

Free Girl

Button down: Thrifted, Linen Pants: free, Sandals: Target

I live pretty close to this private little hippie college that mainly focuses on agriculature, sustainability and all things earthy. I love it. James Franco took a class there which is random. Anyway, my dad told me that he saw in Craigslist that Warren Wilson College was having a day where they were giving away everything that they had found in the dorm rooms at the end of the year that had been left behind. I happened to be passing back through right about 15 minutes before they opened up. I waited for a bit and then went in. I scored a couple of really great things, these pants being one of them. There was a hodge podge of everything. Pillows, blankets, cups, books, clothes, shoes, etc. I kept on thinking...."is this really free? Will I be asked to pay for this while I'm walking back to my car? Are you sure this is free?" Then I looked up and saw a hand written sign on the wall said "Free. It is what it means." So I breathed a sigh of relief and went back to hoarding. 

I brought a bag in with me so I was able to stuff quite a bit. I did give a donation on my way out because I just couldn't handle taking it for free. I think I left like a dollar and a half. Whew. Huge guilt off my shoulders.


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