Jun 30, 2014

June Instagram Roundup

Howdy ya'll! In case you're not already...let's be friends on Instagram, shall we? Here's what my June looked like. I didn't lose my phone this month so I actually have some photos! Whew!

*I enjoyed by flowers from Bouqs.com! Check them out because they are running a special on free shipping right now! 
*three words: lemon lavender biscuits...ok one more word...YUMS
*since seeing this guy in the yard I have also seen a raccoon, a snake (who stayed around for a week or so), and a jack rabbit. The one animal I am trying to attract won't come! Bats! Must.eat.mosquitos!
*yep. that's the snake
*I so enjoyed my 2nd Voxbox from Influenster!
*a simple vignette
*revisited a retro look
*biggest sunflower ever!
*simple braided updo
*I miss my cat eye sunglasses. I have no idea what happened to those
*working on a diy pallet wood frame
*Amos Lee at The Orange Peel! #Sweaty
*Life doesn't get any better for this pooch

*disclosure: I am an affiliate with Bouqs.com


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