Jun 9, 2014

Relay Rides

I have been seeing so many different people online talk about how they have rented someones apartment or stayed in a guest room on their vacation on one of those community sharing websites. I remember hearing about it a long time ago but now I am really seeing people utilizing it. It is such a good idea! 

Did you know you could also do that with car rentals too? I did NOT! So when Relay Rides contacted me and told me about how they are a car rental sharing company I was intrigued. Community sharing is a new idea but the concept is just fascinating. Why have we all not been doing this before now?! I scratch your back, you scratch mine kinda deal. Here's how it works; if you are a car owner, you can register your car with Relay Rides. If you are a renter then you select which car you want or what price you like to get wherever you're going! Want to know more? Here is a neat little video. 

There are so many positives to this idea. It is great for the environment because there are less cars needed on the road. You can make money on your car instead of it just sitting there when you're not using it! Or if you don't have a car to take on a little weekend trip there might be a car right there in your neighborhood that you can borrow. Much more convenient than the rental care place miles away. Saving gas already! Don't worry. All that insurance boring stuff is covered too. 

Why am I telling you all of this? Because I LOVE road trips. I am much more comfy and happy in a car than on a plane. Road trips are just classic too. It's an adventure that anybody can have. Want to know what I would take on my road trip? Well I'm going to tell you anyway!

Road Trip Must Haves

My Road Trip Must Haves:
A fabulous pair of glasses
An easy flip flop to flip on when you run for a fast potty break
A tiny travel purse for easy access instead of digging in the huge pocketbook
Handy dandy chapstick that I obsess to much about
Greasy spoon diners!
Travel bingo is the funnest thing ever
Of course being a good d.j. is the crowning glory
An Instagram pillow? Yes please.
Nasty, Horrible JUNK food. Pixy sticks......yum. AND just the right amount of hyperactivity needed to finish that last leg of the trip.

Now get on the road! But don't forget about Relay Rides! That car across the street from you could be for rent!

**Disclosure: All opinions and reviews are my own. I am not an affiliate with RelayRides.


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